Film Room: What Jacksonville Needs to Replicate on Offense From Week 3 to Beat Tennessee

Laurie Fitzpatrick

In Week 3 of the season, the Tennessee Titans came to Jacksonville and lost 20-7 to the Jaguars on Thursday Night Football. Now its Week 12 and things are a bit different this game; a lot different actually. 

Neither team will have the same quarterback starting this game, but Jaguars also no longer have their starting cornerback, Jalen Ramsey. Looking back at the film from the team's first matchup, several things jump off the screen. The first thing I noticed when looking back at the Week 3 game, was the early lead, amount of penalties and number of hits Marcus Mariota took.

Early in the game the Jaguars recovered their own punt and put them on the Tennessee 7-yard line. One bad read was all it took and James O’Shaughnessey was in the end zone.

There was also a play the Jaguars found successful multiple times due to the Titans coverage leaving the WRs one on one.

The Jaguars saw this look multiple times and even tried to go back to it in the third quarter but Dede Westbrook couldn’t pull it in.

There were also deep throws that were pretty impressive in this game, like this one to DJ Chark, an incredible route and read by Gardner Minshew II. Here, the tight end is going out on a route is going to hold that safety leaving his single receiver on the outside with only one defender to beat.

When you look back at this game you don’t see too much action after the Jaguars put 14 points on the board early. There were several punts back and forth and some deep shots were there, but the Jaguars kept the short passing game alive to close it out.

This week, the offensive line on the Jaguars must play top-notch in the run game but also the passing game. Nick Foles will need some time for the routes to develop and Leonard Fournette will need another big play like his 69-yard run in Week 3 to grab another win for the Jaguars against Tennessee. Fournette needs to have at least 20 carries and 1 big run to seal a win.

One player who should play a huge factor this week is perhaps the most impactful offensive player from Week 3 in Chark. Week 11 is far from Week 3, but with Chark only getting better, only one or two things can happen if the Titans come out in the same looks.

Or this:

Another key for the Jaguars' offense this week will be giving Foles some more time inside the pocket, so you don’t have a repeat of last week against the Indianapolis Colts.

The Jaguars are sitting at 4-6 and have a hole to dig out of. This rivalry week against the Titans will be the biggest game of the Jaguars season thus far, and they will need to replicate some of their offensive success from the past.

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