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‘We Still Have To Go to Work’: How the Jaguars Are Staying Focused Amidst Extra Attention

Winning garners extra media coverage, but the primary focus for the Jaguars is to win more football games.
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The 2022 Jacksonville Jaguars have been among the most exciting stories early in the season. 

A 2-1 record and exciting play on both offense and defense have made this team nothing short of entertaining, putting them on the map for media pundits across the NFL.

For most of the roster, this is the first time at the professional level that they have to deal with increased media exposure. For such a young team, there is a potential that this can serve as a distraction. But head coach Doug Pederson is determined to make sure that the Jaguars remain focused on the task at hand; to continue playing winning football.

“I expect the team to handle it, one with class, and two, with just the fact that that’s fine,” Pederson said. “We still have to go to work every day and prepare for another football game and that starts with me during the week and setting the tone that way and just keeping us focused on task.”

For Trevor Lawrence and the rest of the Jaguars players, being in the spotlight more than in years past does not get rid of the chip on their shoulders and the desire to achieve greatness.

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“I think we will handle it great,” Lawrence said. “For us, we don’t really want any of that. “We’d rather just be on the back burner and let us do our thing, and that’s our mindset. 

"We’re not really worried about any of the attention that we get. Obviously, the goal is to play really well every week, win a lot of games, so you’re going to keep the same mindset that got us here, the work that we put in through camp, through OTA’s, playing with that edge, playing with something to prove, and we’re just going to keep carrying that through every week.”

With Week 4 upon us, the season is still relatively young and anything can change at a given moment. For Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars, the extra media attention has been a welcome addition, and plays a huge role in the growth process.

“Definitely, it’s just the ebbs and flows, ups and downs of the season,” Lawrence said.

“Whether you’re playing great or not playing great, it’s a long season. You’ve got to find your way and you’ve got to figure out a way to get better and better to where the last bit of the season you’re playing your best football and giving yourself a chance to make the playoffs and go far in the playoffs, so that’s the key to it. We know it’s still really early. It’s week 4, and it’s a long season, but we love where we’re at right now.”