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Jaguars Coaching Staff Has Discussed, but Not Decided On, Quarantining a QB in 2020

While teams continue to consider quarantining a quarterback for the 2020 season, the Jacksonville Jaguars are mulling the decision as well.

As NFL teams continue to prepare for the uncertain season which is just around the corner, teams are going to be expected to continue to come up with unique solutions for unique problems. 

One of those solutions that have been theorized? The possibility of quarantining a quarterback during the season to ensure stability at the position in the event of COVID-19 impacting the team.

This idea has been floated by Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer in a conversation he conducted with NFL player agent Mike McCartney, and teams such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Jets have discussed the possibility as well. 

"I had a good conversation on Sunday morning with veteran agent Mike McCartney, who explained the concept he’s discussed with teams on his own free agent quarterbacks. Teams could carry these guys on their rosters, trust them to get the physical work they need to away from the facility, and have them in on all the meetings virtually," Breer wrote. "Those teams could either have those guys living at home, and fly them in as needed, or ask them to move to the team’s city for the season and hole up at an apartment nearby. For the players? Getting paid $12,000 per week (vets on the expanded practice squad will make $204,000 for the year) to fill that role seems like good work if you can get it."

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On Thursday, Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone was asked during his first virtual press conference of training camp if his staff has had similar discussions about quarantining a quarterback for the 2020 season. Marrone acknowledged it has been talked about, but don't expect any decision soon.

“We [the coaches] have had conversations," Marrone said Thursday. "I think the way that I’m approaching it is, we don’t have to make that decision now."

Jacksonville currently has four quarterbacks on its roster: starting quarterback Gardner Minshew II, veteran backup Mike Glennon, fourth-year backup Josh Doobs and rookie sixth-round pick Jake Luton. Any of the latter three options make sense as a possible quarantined quarterback during the season, especially Glennon or Dobbs, with the possibility of the non-quarantined quarterback being the backup on game day. 

We talked about the pluses and minuses, the development, and who that player might be. There’s a lot of things that go into it," Marrone said. "So as we get kind of closer to the part where we feel that player would need to be quarantined, I think that conversation will come up again and we’ll see where we are with the team then.”