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Urban Meyer: Trevor Lawrence Winning the QB Job 'Hasn’t Happened Yet'

Trevor Lawrence hasn't yet been named the Jaguars' starting quarterback, largely because he hasn't pulled away with the job in the eyes of Urban Meyer and his senior offensive coaching staff.

Another day, another non-decision at quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars and head coach Urban Meyer, with No. 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence still balancing the role with Gardner Minshew II 23 days ahead of Week 1.

When will that change? When, and if, he wins the job, according to Meyer.

“If he wins it, which that hasn’t happened yet. So, as soon as that happens, then you give him the one reps, all one reps," Meyer said on Friday.

What does Meyer need to see to finally name a starting quarterback and finally supply that player with every single first-team rep? That answer is less clear. 

“Just competition, performance," Meyer said. 

Lawrence has gone back and forth with Minshew all training camp as the No. 1 quarterback. If Minshew gets the reps with the No. 1 offense on one day, Lawrence will the next, and so on and so forth. At a time in training camps where most teams are deciding their quarterback battles, the Jaguars are continuing to hold strong to the commitment to their own.

The Jaguars are set to travel to New Orleans to play the Saints in Week 2 of the preseason on Monday. By both Meyer's and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell's accounts, Lawrence is set to be the starter for the second week in a row when the Jaguars kick off against the Saints. 

But while Lawrence will likely get every first-team rep on Monday, it remains to be seen if that will continue in the final week of camp, or if the Jaguars will instead stick to their plan of rotating quarterbacks. So far, the Jaguars have yet to disclose a timeline on when to either name a starting quarterback or when to give one every single first-team reps.

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"We do," Meyer said when asked if the team had a timeline for the decision. 

"I do in my own mind, but once again, it’s a conversation that the three people are having daily.”

Could that decision extend until the end of August, even past the Jaguars' third and final preseason game on Aug. 29 against the Dallas Cowboys?

“In theory it could, but I’d it rather not," Meyer said. 

In short, it seems like Meyer wants to see one of his quarterbacks pull away with the job, but in his eyes, it hasn't happened yet. Lawrence has been the clear cut best quarterback in camp, but he has also taken much more risks than Minshew and, as a result, has thrown more interceptions. With that same theory, though, Lawrence has also made more big plays. 

But despite that, the No. 1 pick is still waiting to get all of the reps. Naming a starting quarterback is merely ceremonial. The act is practicing like a No. 1 quarterback is what is truly important, and the inability to be given that chance in each practice is what Lawrence has had to balance as a rookie thus far.

“No, it doesn’t bother me — I think that is the way to run a team honestly. You have to compete for everyone’s jobs, you know the best player has to play and you have to compete and as a first-year player coming in, it’s kind of what’s expected," Lawrence said on Friday. 

"You want to compete for the job and there is a right way to do things. I think they [the coaching staff] have handled it great. We are in a great spot, and we are just going to keep working, and I am going to take advantage of every opportunity I get and that is all I can really do.”