Jamal Adams is getting some pretty heady praise, being compared recently to Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu. 

Coincidentally, this week, it was announced that Polamalu is on the ballot for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Steelers great was a player who transformed the position of strong safety and was utilized almost as a playmaker on defense. 

Such was the ability of Polamalu, a very noteworthy comparison to Adams and how he has impacted the New York Jets defense in recent weeks. Adams might be the game’s top safety right now. 

Polamalu could line up to blitz then drop back, fill a lane and make a play on the ball. He was as comfortable in the opposition’s backfield as he was in his own backend. 

And Adams, in his third year in the league, is beginning to receive similar praise. His impact on the game is clear, including his recent run of sacks and how the Jets are using his blitzing ability to disrupt teams. 

Andy Dalton, named the starting quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals this week after being benched three weeks ago, sees some similarities between Polamalu and Adams. Having played against Polamalu numerous times in the same division, the Bengals quarterback is certainly aware of how talented Polamalu was and the impact he had on the game.  

“With Troy, Troy was  so smart and understood exactly what they were doing on defense and how obviously they were trying to attack. Jamal, he is similar. He can start down, run down to the half,” Dalton said. 

“He can do all the different things that Troy did.” 

Dalton spoke to the Bengals media during his weekly availability

Polamalu was eight times a Pro Bowl selection and selected to the All-Pro teams on six different occasions. He finished his 12-year NFL career, which ended in 2014, with 32 interceptions and 100 passes defended. 

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