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WATCH: Cowboys Fail Trying to Convert on Jets' Trick Play Against 49ers

Dallas tried to run the same play we saw the Jets use in Miami a few weeks ago.

It's not often you see other teams trying to emulate the Jets, especially in the postseason.

That was the case in Dallas on Sunday as the Cowboys dug into their bag of tricks, trying a lateral play that New York ran several weeks ago to perfection.

Down 10 in the first quarter, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott flipped a quick pass over the middle to Cedrick Wilson. Needing 16 yards to convert the first down, Wilson tried to throw a lateral across to the sideline in the direction of Tony Pollard.

Wilson's lateral was nowhere near his teammate, though. The ball sailed out of bounds, forcing Dallas to punt on their next play.

Take a look at the botched trick play right here:

It's the same concept the Jets flashed against the Dolphins back in Week 15. Except that time, the trick play worked. 

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Also on third-and-long, Zach Wilson rifled a pass to Jamison Crowder over the middle. The wideout then chucked a lateral all the way back to Braxton Berrios who bolted for the first down, making a man miss while moving the chains. 

That play resulted in a 22-yard gain, just one example of offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur injecting trick plays into his weekly playbook. 

"The reason you can call those kind of plays is you have a guy like Jamison Crowder and Braxton Berrios that we have so much trust in," LaFleur told reporters a few days after that stunning lateral play in December. "So even if it wasn't going to be perfect, which there were a lot of looks that were not going to be perfect ... just putting the ball in Jamison Crowder's hands, usually something good is going to happen."

Dallas was down 16-7 at halftime against the 49ers, looking to keep their season alive and advance past the Wild Card round. 


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