AFC Teams Have The Best Odds To Win The 2021 Super Bowl

Kristian Dyer

The AFC is the run-away favorite to win the Super Bowl next year, showing a trend of dominance by a conference that has run away with the championship in recent years. Oh, and just a reminder, this year’s Super Bowl hasn’t even been played yet. 

Let alone offseason free agency or the NFL Draft. 

In odds set by BetOnline, the Kansas City Chiefs (7:1), the Baltimore Ravens (8:1), the San Francisco 49ers (8:1) and the New England Patriots (12:1) had the four-best odds to win next year’s Super Bowl. The 49ers, the lone representative from the NFC among the top four teams in terms of odds for next year, highlights the AFC’s recent run of Super Bowl success. 

The AFC has won five of the last seven Super Bowls, fueled by three wins from the Patriots and a win each by the Ravens and the Denver Broncos. Young quarterbacks are clearly a selling point for the Chiefs (Patrick Mahomes), the Ravens (Lamar Jackson) and the 49ers (Jimmy Garoppolo).

Of the four teams with the best odds to win next year’s Super Bowl, only the Chiefs and the 49ers are still in the playoffs. The Patriots shockingly lost in the AFC Wild Card to the Tennessee Titans, who then went on the beat the Ravens this past weekend. 

The Titans, who have enjoyed a magical run to this Sunday’s AFC Championship Game with two road wins, are 50:1 to win the Super Bowl next year. That surely is an attractive offering for a speculative wager based on this year’s postseason. 

Interestingly enough, the New York Jets enter the offseason as 66:1 odds to win Super Bowl LV, the same exact odds as a year ago. The Jets closed out the season with a 6-2 run during the final eight games of the season to finish at 7-9. The 66:1 odds are shared by four other teams and is surprising given the Jets strong close to the regular season as well as the fact that they have $55 million in salary cap space heading into free agency to better their roster. 

A look at the complete set of odds as set by BetOnline: 

Odds to Win Super Bowl LV 2021 

Kansas City Chiefs                    7/1         

Baltimore Ravens                      8/1         

San Francisco 49ers                  8/1         

New England Patriots                12/1 

New Orleans Saints                   14/1       

Dallas Cowboys                        16/1 

Pittsburgh Steelers                    16/1 

Green Bay Packers                   20/1 

Atlanta Falcons                         25/1       

Chicago Bears                          25/1       

Los Angeles Chargers                25/1       

Los Angeles Rams                    25/1                   

Minnesota Vikings                     25/1       

Seattle Seahawks                      25/1       

Cleveland Browns                     33/1       

Houston Texans                        33/1       

Indianapolis Colts                      33/1       

Philadelphia Eagles                   33/1       

Buffalo Bills                              40/1 

Denver Broncos                        50/1 

Jacksonville Jaguars                 50/1       

Las Vegas Raiders                    50/1 

Tennessee Titans                      50/1       

Carolina Panthers                      66/1       

New York Giants                       66/1       

New York Jets                           66/1       

Tampa Bay Buccaneers             66/1       

Arizona Cardinals                      80/1       

Cincinnati Bengals                     100/1     

Detroit Lions                             100/1     

Miami Dolphins                         100/1     

Washington Redskins                100/1