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Seahawks' Jamal Adams Reveals What Jets' Head Coach Adam Gase Told Him After Sunday's Game

Seeing someone in person for the first time after a breakup is always awkward. It's an experience that people will often attempt to avoid at all costs.

That wasn't the case for Seahawks safety Jamal Adams and his former head coach Adam Gase on Sunday.

When members of the Jets and Seahawks flooded onto Lumen Field, as time expired in New York's 37-point loss, Adams and Gase met and embraced.

Asked about the interaction in his postgame presser, Gase told reporters he hugged his former safety without diving into the details of their reunion. Adams, on the other hand, provided a look into what occurred (and more importantly, what was said).

"He told me to go get one. He was talking about a Super Bowl," Adams said in a Zoom call. "A lot of the guys came up to us and I don’t want to blow our guys’ heads up or myself, which I’m not, but they were just saying that we have a great team. And we’ve always believed in that. But he just congratulated me, wished me well, told me to stay healthy."

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Would you believe that type of get-together could exist in the offseason when Adams was traded?

As his tenure with the Jets came to a close, the safety publicly criticized Gase on the way out. His comments left the head coach "surprised" as he thought the two had a solid relationship, but clearly the All-Pro defensive back appeared to think otherwise. That's at least how Adams felt at the time. 

Earlier in the week leading up to Sunday's game, Adams assured that he didn't hate Gase. His comments, in Adams' words, were simply a result of the way Gase had handled certain situations while the safety was still a Jet.

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He echoed those sentiments on Sunday after speaking with Gase in person between the lines.

"I don’t have any hate towards, not even just Gase, to the organization," Adams explained. "Everybody just has different views and we had to move different. We had to take a different leap. Obviously the trade happened and I’m happy to be here. I wish those guys nothing but the best, I really do. I mean that, I know a lot of the Jets fans don’t really think I’m coming from the heart but I really am. I’m thankful for my time over there."

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Sunday was particularly special for the safety. Not only did his new team capture their ninth win of the season, in contention for a division title in the NFC West, but he set a record against his former team. 

Pushing Jets quarterback Sam Darnold out of bounds in the second quarter, Adams was credited with a sack. That put his total in 2020 at 8.5, giving Adams the new single-season record of sacks for a defensive back. 

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He had insisted throughout the week that facing his old team was just another game on the schedule. Once the final whistle had blown, however, the excitement to reunite with his former teammates and coaches blossomed.

"There’s so many guys over there that I could name. Hats off to them, those guys have to keep battling and eventually they’ll figure it out. It’s nothing but love from my way."

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