Joe Namath: Sam Darnold Will 'Be Around For 15 Years' But Deshaun Watson Is 'Sensational'

Jets legend Joe Namath seems a little torn about what New York should do at the quarterback position going forward. Although Deshaun Watson is a star, Namath thinks Sam Darnold will be around for the next 15 years.
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Any quarterback that dons a Jets uniform aspires to put together a career like Joe Namath. The Hall of Fame quarterback led the franchise to its lone Super Bowl victory, making five Pro Bowl appearances across his 13-year career. 

In an interview with ESPN's DiPietro, Canty & Rothenberg this week, the legendary signal-caller weighed in on New York's quarterback situation going forward. 

Although he's not sure what New York is planning to do with 23-year-old Sam Darnold, Namath explained that he believes the young quarterback has a bright future ahead of him.

“We need help in a lot of places and Sam has been playing on a team that everybody I believe gets to pressing. Pressing to try to get that victory and try to get it done," Namath said. "It remains to be seen what Joe Douglas feels like he can do with him. Sam’s going to be around. I believe he’s going to be around for 15 years."

Darnold struggled quite a bit in his third pro season, finishing with some of the worst numbers in the league. With a new coaching staff in place, along with plenty of cap space and draft capital, there's a chance Darnold can start to turn his career around with additional offensive weapons starting in 2021.

The other option, beyond drafting a quarterback, would be trying to acquire one via trade. While he admitted to not watching as much film as other NFL experts, he believes Deshaun Watson is the real deal.

"He looks sensational,” Namath said. “He’s further along than most of the quarterbacks, including Sam, no doubt about it. Those guys are going to make the decisions in that [front] office up there, and I hope they make the right decision. I want to see us win. I want to see us start being happy after the game and happy during the game.”


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