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New York Jets Head Coach Adam Gase Hopes Changing Up Practice Produces a Win

A change in how the New York Jets practice is head coach Adam Gase's latest strategy to help spark his team.

A team that led the league in injuries a season ago and has had no shortage of trips to the training room again in 2020 is going to treat its banged up team with some blunt force trauma. The New York Jets hit practice this week hard.

Literally, according to head coach Adam Gase, by changing the way they approach practice.

The recipe for getting his team on track after an 0-4 start, according to Gase, is to amp up the intensity in practice. That means bringing some juice to the field and switching things up.

“You go through all these warmups and individual and you kind of steadily progress,” Gase said on Thursday before practice.

“Sometimes it’s good for our guys to just come out the chute and let’s roll, go and get after it a little bit, a little competition period. Logically, everything that you try to do it makes sense, and then you wonder why we’re having all of these injuries and we’re trying to do all the right things. Just thought it was a good change up.”


In his press conference, Gase explained what it meant to mix things up for his team. It isn’t a drastic overhaul. The Jets aren’t giving up stretching and warming up.

This isn’t Ted Lasso taking over an English Premier League team.

But a team that is winless and been outscored by 66 points over four games this year needs to start looking creatively at how to get things going.

The Jets have had slow starts this year, their first quarter touchdown in Week 4 against the Denver Broncos was their first lead of the season. Something has to change and Gase is looking at anything and everything to get this team some momentum and a little life.

“Just kind of moving some stuff around, just trying to create some competition within practice, get us going faster,” Gase said.

“I thought it was good, the guys seemed like they liked the format that we kind of moved some stuff around, just got to get the blood flow going a little quicker than normal. Not recommended by sports science, but at this point we’re going to try anything we can to get our guys practicing the way we need them to practice day in and day out.”