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Kansas City Chiefs' Andy Reid on Keeping His Team Focused on the New York Jets in Week 8

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is asked about keeping the focus on the winless New York Jets. He fails to mentions the Jets.

The Kansas City Chiefs are arguably the best team in the NFL right now. The New York Jets, however…there is no arguing about them.

The only winless team in the league, the Jets are undeniably the worst team in the NFL.

And on Wednesday, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was asked about his 6-1 team hosting the 0-7 Jets in Week 8. While Reid started his press conference saying that the Jets are a “Good football team, well-coached,” he was more general in his response about Sunday’s opponent later in his Wednesday press conference.

Reid was asked about facing the winless Jets and his message to the team given the large discrepancy between the two sides. His answer said nothing wrong.

It also, interestingly, said nothing about the Jets.

“This league is all about parity and that is what the league strives for. It’s never as good as you think, it’s never as bad as you think. Whether it is driven by the gambling or whether it is driven by the media, whatever it is driven by that present those numbers – I don’t pay attention to them,” Reid told reporters on Wednesday.

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“I go off of what I see on tape, I see that every week, I go off that every week somebody is picked off that is one of these favorites or whatever. You go back and focus on your agenda and you study the opponent, your respect your opponent then you get yourself right to make yourself better each week. If you lose focus on that you’re going to have problems in this league. These are good players and good coaches, the best in the world, right? You don’t lose focus on that.

Two weeks ago, the Jets were shut out for the first time all season at the Miami Dolphins. Last week, they were up 10-0 and then let the Buffalo Bills score 18 unanswered points to lose the game.

The defending Super Bowl champions, the Chiefs are showing this year why they are favorites to again lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

And in New Jersey, the message from Jets head coach Adam Gase about the tall task his hapless team faces this weekend couldn’t help but focus on the near flawless performance that will be needed to knock-off the Chiefs.

“It’s the ultimate complimentary football game. We know who we’re playing, we know what they did last year, we know what they’ve done this year. We just try to make sure that we give our keys to the game in all three phases and understand how we have to play together as a group,” Gase said on Wednesday.

“But we need each phase to execute things a certain way. We know the quarterback we’re facing, we know one side is going to help the other. Patrick [Mahomes] he’s the best quarterback guy that I’ve seen. I mean I haven’t seen him play in person yet, but on tape just some of the things he does are unreal. The guy is phenomenal and when you’re watching it looks like he’s playing at a different speed than everybody else. It just seems like this game is way too easy for him from what I’ve seen in the past with good quarterbacks. He makes it look really easy.”