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Former New York Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum on Trevor Lawrence: 'This Guy is Born to Play the Position'

Trevor Lawrence is a can't miss prospect according to Andrew Ford and Mike Tannenbaum.

The drumbeat for Trevor Lawrence is only going to get louder if the New York Jets lose this weekend at the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs, of course, are paced by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the embodiment (and subsequent bank account) of a franchise quarterback, the defending Super Bowl champions have what the Jets have searched the past four decades for. Three years ago, the Jets moved up in the NFL Draft to take Sam Darnold third overall with the hope that he would become that building block.

Now at 0-7, the Jets have the inside track on the first overall pick and could be a position to take Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence as the latest installment of their building block.

“I don’t really think the numbers really do him justice though as a player. Turn out the tape, he is one of those quarterbacks that you see that was born to play the position,” said former Virginia Tech and UMass quarterback Andrew Ford on a video breakdown of Lawrence for The 33rd Team.

“Mechanically, he’s really sound. He just has a natural ability to make all the throws on the field. It doesn’t matter what pace it is, he can put touch on it. He can fit it into a tight window if he has to. He throws a catchable ball, he throws his guys open. Even the incompletions that he throws, he puts them in a good spot where either his guy can make the play or it is going to be a safe throw.

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“A lot to like from Trevor Lawrence, obviously. He’s one of those who comes around every 10 years. Whoever has the first pick will take him. I think he’s kind of a can’t miss prospect. One of those guys who is playing NFL ball on the college field.”

So far through six games, Lawrence has 1,833 passing yards with 17 touchdowns and two interceptions. Darnold, behind a poor offensive line and without much talent at wide receiver, continues to struggle in his third year in the NFL.

Former Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum, chiming in after Ford’s analysis of Lawrence, sees the Clemson quarterback as ready to make the jump from Saturdays to Sundays.

“From the old Parcells is he built to last standard? I think this guy has a much better chance of having a sustainable career than the last three number one picks, for a number of reasons,” Tannenbaum said.

“Especially when you look at [Baker] Mayfield and [Kyler] Murray. This guy is born to play the position. He looks the part from a physical standpoint. I think he can withstand the rigors of the NFL season right now.”