Positive Talking Points Aren't Enough for the New York Jets After an 0-6 Start

The New York Jets continue to roll out the same excuses following another loss.
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At some point for the New York Jets, practice doesn’t have to make them perfect. But at some point, all this talk about the merits of the team in practice has to surely make them at least adequate.

It probably isn’t fair, but the Jets continue to come-up with the same couple of lines following yet another lackluster Sunday, this one a 24-0 loss at the Miami Dolphins. The 0-6 Jets found a new way to lose, this time being shut out.

But they still ran out the same list of explanations as they have the past few weeks. They practice hard, Jets head coach Adam Gase says, but it isn’t coming together on game day.

Or, they need to find ways to sustain drives and then things will improve.

The problem is that both sets of talking points ignore the talent deficiency on the Jets as well as the scheme issues that stem from the head coach.

“I didn’t think it was lifeless. Offensively, we were frustrated. We were frustrated. There were a lot of points where guys were encouraging each other and cheering each other on,” Gase said after the game on Sunday.

“I thought the defense definitely had good energy, trying to create turnovers. You’re trying to make that play to swing the game in a positive direction. We got a little frustrated on offense because we couldn’t get that done.”

The offense was poor by every definition. They had just 263 yards of total offense and managed 13 first downs against the Dolphins.

Quarterback Joe Flacco was sacked three times and hit a total of 10 times.

The offense looked flat and unimaginative, not a great surprise given a similar performance from the unit in their previous five games. But being shutout is any especially dire tale for the Jets.

Now, through six games, the Jets have lost by a cumulative 110 points. It truly shows no signs of getting better.

“Well, hey, you’ve got to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what drives you and why you do this. Do you love this game? That’s what it really all comes down to,” Flacco said.

“And then you’ve just got to execute and play better. Listen, we can play as hard as we want and be as tough as we want and have the right guys, but if we don’t play well, we’re not going to get it done. But it still starts with keeping your head held high and sticking together as a unit.”