Well, that escalated quickly. Jamal Adams took his acrimonious relationship with the New York Jets to another level on Friday, signaling that he is ready to move on from the organization.

Adams, in a social media post on Friday afternoon, all but confirmed reports from a day earlier that he was requesting a trade from the Jets amidst failures between the two sides to work out a long-term deal. Throughout the offseason, Adams has made comments that he wishes to be the NFL’s highest-paid safety.

Now Adams signaled the accuracy of ESPN’s report that he wants to be traded, replying to a fan tweet about his current contract status by saying "It's time to move on. Let it go." He is on the fourth year of his five-year rookie contract and the Jets could conceivably give him the franchise tag if they are unprepared to offer him a long-term deal.

He has yet to participate in the Jets virtual offseason.

Recent reports first said that he wants to also be the highest paid player on the Jets roster, which would mean a figure higher than linebacker C.J. Mosley’s $17 million per season. A report on Friday said that he was looking for $20 million annually, which would be record money for a safety.


This past October on the trade deadline, Adams was angered when a report said that the Dallas Cowboys and the Jets had talked about a trade scenario involving the All-Pro safety. A day later, the Jets soothed an affronted Adams, informing him that they only listened and had not sought trade offers for one of the game’s top defensive players.

And even after the NFL Combine when general manager Joe Douglas said he wanted and had every intention of signing Adams to a long-term deal, the bitterness on the player’s end has only seemingly grown. Especially as he sees his peers inking long-term deals.

On Thursday afternoon, Adams on social media pointed to the two contracts handed out to Myles Garrett and Christian McCaffrey. The three players were all first round picks in the 2017 NFL Draft. Adams is the only one of the trio yet to sign a long-term deal.

In another social media post last week, Adams claims that the Jets had promised him an offer of a new contract in January. He says in the post that no offer has been made yet.

This past year was the first time Adams was selected as an All-Pro. He was the only Jets selection to the Pro Bowl.

Several outs reported on Thursday night that the Jets are not giving Adams permission to seek a trade.