A Jamal Adams trade to the San Francisco 49ers doesn't make much sense: former NFL GM

Kristian Dyer

There are a lot of rumors about New York Jets safety Jamal Adams and possible landing spots if he gets traded. Some make sense…many do not.

The status of Adams with the Jets is well known and doesn’t need re-hashing. The fact that Adams wants to be paid as the top safety in the NFL isn’t surprising because, well, he is the top safety in the league.

But rumors that he wants to be the highest-paid player on the Jets (which would put him over $17 million per season) and potentially be at $20 million annually is a potential stumbling block to re-sign with the Jets. That coupled with his recent social media posts indicating he wants a trade could be making a permanent divide between the organization and their All-Pro safety.

One potential landing spot in a trade popped up last week with a report saying that the San Francisco 49ers are interested in Adams. They may be interested but a trade might be impossible to pull off.

“I think that’s another shaky one cap wise even though there may be able to do it,” said former NFL general manager Jeff Diamond.

“I think they are built from that defensive line on out. They have to take care of Bosa at the end of the year, they have other guys on that defensive line too. At some point, Richard Sherman may not be there anymore and that may free up some room.

“Again, we’re talking about a safety – not that a safety isn’t valuable, certainly they are valuable. It’s just hard to see the 49ers, what they need to do and what they’re paying [Jimmy] Garoppolo and all that – will they spend all that money and do something that big on that scale. That would surprise me then again nothing really surprises me around the league. San Francisco seems like a long shot.”

Diamond is a former general manager of the Minnesota Vikings and team president of the Tennessee Titans.

Adams reportedly has seven teams he would welcome a trade to, including the 49ers and the hometown Dallas Cowboys. He grew up on the outskirts of Dallas and the Cowboys were reportedly interested in acquiring Adams last October on the trade deadline.

They were also linked to Adams several weeks ago after rumors that the Jets safety wanted out of town.

“It seems to me that the teams to look at what would have a lot of cap room, would have the capability to grow in the future,” Diamond said. “The 49ers, that would surprise me.”

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No. 1-1

Exactly. It makes no financial sense to add Adams when we have to resign/extend:

  1. Kittle (15M)
  2. Trent (18-20M)
  3. Sherm, Moseley, Juice, Kwaun, DJ Jones, Tartt.

Doesn't make any sense.