Semone Becton, mother of Mekhi Becton, has a faith and love that shines during difficult times

Kristian Dyer

The story of Semone Becton is one that is all too common today in the United States. Even with a grown-up son who is fully an adult, she still has a motherly love and concern for him in today’s charged political environment.

Her oldest son, Mekhi Becton, was the first round pick of the New York Jets in the NFL Draft. In speaking with, Semone spoke about an unwavering trust in God during these difficult times. She talked about prayer and faith, characteristics of a woman known for her integrity.

The country is certainly in need of prayer. Last week, Minneapolis resident George Floyd was killed while in police custody. Floyd was arrested and handcuffed, put on the ground in the process. The arresting officer put his knee on the neck of Floyd for several minutes.

During a video that went viral, Floyd said he couldn’t breathe and that he needed help. The officer ignored him and continued to keep his knee on Floyd’s neck.

An hour later, Floyd died at a local hospital after attempts to resuscitate him failed.

Semone along with her husband Jerome, have three boys. Mekhi, who recently turned 21-years old, is the oldest. Michael is already handsome at 12-years old looks like he also will be a big-time football player. And Mason at three-years has a sweet smile but could well complete the trilogy of Becton’s playing big-time football.

She calls them “my world, my heart, my everything.”

These are scary times but Semone said that her faith and family is carrying them through these difficulties. She said she has worked hard to raise them the right way.

“They are loved beyond measure, and educated about the challenges they may face in this world,” Semone said.