Robby Anderson has multiple negative tweets about the New York Jets on Friday

Kristian Dyer

Robby Anderson hopped on Twitter on Friday to talk about being an undrafted rookie free agent in the NFL and take a subtle shot at the New York Jets.

A former undrafted rookie free agent, Anderson spent the first four years of his NFL career with the Jets before signing as a free agent with the Carolina Panthers this offseason. He was the Jets second leading receiver in 2019. 

On Friday afternoon Anderson tweeted that “When u #undrafted a team ain’t taking a chance on you drafting you is taking a chance... They have no risk. No expectations for me to become a four year starter and an impact player #undrafted. And paid me bottom dollar they won that situation #educateyourself.”

Last season, the Jets signed Anderson to a one-year, $3.095 million deal after he hit free agency. The Jets had interest in retaining Anderson and bringing him back but Carolina offered the former Temple star a chance to reunite with his old college coach, Matt Rhule.

The two-year, $20 million deal with $12 million guaranteed surely didn’t hurt either.

After losing Anderson to the Panthers, the Jets quickly went out and signed Breshad Perriman. In Perriman, the Jets hope to replace Anderson's quickness with a player who actually had straighter in-line speed coming out of college.

Earlier on Friday, Anderson also tweeted out a video which is clearly a shot at the team that he played for the past four years. The video cut-up pointed out the numerous times that Anderson was missed by Jets quarterbacks over the past four years:

Several of the throws in the video feature current Jets starting quarterback Sam Darnold.

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Did the video show Anderson's drops & fumbles ?Since when has he morphed into Jerry Rice . Perriman will be a force replacing Robbie


I feel sorry for Jets players & Fans both - Head Case Gase will destroy this team and ruin players careers at the same time. He only respects HIS guys and the players that kiss his behind (he likes control). And, Head Case Gase does NOT like to pay players - he for some reason (delusional and narcissistic) thinks he has leverage like he's Bill Beli & the Patriots & how they always got guys to sign for cheap since odds were they were going to a SB. Gase thinks he's Bill!!! lmao. good for Robbie & hopefull Adams gets the hell away from Gase too. Lev Bell best get on with it to if he ever wants to be great again (although Bell did choose money over football)