Odds Favor Tom Brady To Return In 2020. But To Where? Patriots...Browns...Panthers...Jets...

Kristian Dyer

Tom Brady may play next year. Or he may not. If he does play, he might not be a member of the New England Patriots. Then again, he might be. 

There is no way to massage the fact that the Patriots disappointed this season, losing a first round bye in the final week of the regular season and then going on to lose the AFC Wild Card the very next week. Saturday night’s home loss at the Tennessee Titans was disappointing for a team that seemed destined for the AFC Championship Game just a handful of weeks ago. 

Now, with Brady as an unrestricted free agent, the future of the Patriots is as bleak as their conclusion to the 2020 season. 

According to BetOnline, the Patriots quarterback is 1:2 to return to New England next season. Following Saturday night’s loss, Brady said that it was unlikely he would retire but he wouldn’t signal if he would be returning to Foxboro next season. 

All of which means that Brady could make a move this offseason, perhaps for a new challenge, or record-setting money or to finally cast off Bill Belichick’s hoodie and prove that his success isn’t a result of his head coach. 

Brady could be on the move, perhaps looking for a new challenge after so much success in New England for the better part of the past two decades. The Cleveland Browns have some attractive pieces on offense that could entice Brady. The Dallas Cowboys would offer him the chance to expand his brand on one of the most iconic teams in sports, something that might appeal to Brady if broadcasting or the business world beckons him after retirement. 

And while it makes zero sense, perhaps he ends up with the New York Jets simply to prove a point and try to beat Belichick. There is also the allure of Madison Avenue. The Jets have a franchise quarterback in Sam Darnold but who knows. 

A look at the odds according to BetOnline:  

Which team will Tom Brady play for in Week 1 of the 2020 NFL Regular Season (if not the Patriots)? 

Cleveland Browns                     11/2       

Carolina Panthers                      6/1         

Las Vegas Raiders                    6/1         

Los Angeles Chargers                6/1         

Dallas Cowboys                        7/1         

Indianapolis Colts                      8/1         

Tampa Bay Buccaneers             9/1         

Denver Broncos                        12/1       

Minnesota Vikings                     12/1       

Miami Dolphins                         14/1       

Chicago Bears                          16/1       

New Orleans Saints                   16/1       

New York Giants                       20/1       

New York Jets                           20/1       

Arizona Cardinals                      25/1       

Cincinnati Bengals                     25/1       

Jacksonville Jaguars                 25/1       

Los Angeles Rams                    25/1       

Philadelphia Eagles                   25/1       

Pittsburgh Steelers                    25/1       

Washington Redskins                33/1       

Note: Graded no action if he retires or returns to the Patriots. 

The Patriots are 1:7 to make the playoffs next year if Brady returns. They are 1:2 to win the AFC East.