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Taylor Decker Does Not Plan To Get Vaccinated

Lions offensive lineman Taylor Decker does not feel it is in his best interests to get vaccinated for COVID-19

Offensive lineman Taylor Decker has emerged as one of the leaders of the Detroit Lions' offense. 

Speaking for the first time since the end of the 2020 season, Decker addressed a myriad of questions with reporters regarding getting vaccinated, what he expressed to team president Rod Wood following the conclusion of the season and what he would think if the team drafted an offensive lineman early in the draft. 

Decker said he would not get vaccinated when asked, stating that he had his reasons.

He declined to comment further, stating that he was going to do what he felt was in his best interests. 

As one of the more experienced starters on the Detroit Lions' roster, Decker has a set of goals and ideas he wants to see implemented.


The talented left tackle met with the Lions' front-office brass this offseason in the midst of the organizational overhaul.

And, when he reflected on this meeting, he expressed gratitude with how the organization handled what he had to say.

“I felt like my words were taken very seriously,” Decker said. “That was awesome to see. I know there were some other guys who had conversations towards the end of the year and conversations as the staff has been built.”

Decker was pleased with the organization’s ability to hire assistants who have experience playing football at the highest level -- such as quarterbacks coach Mark Brunell and wide receivers coach Antwaan Randle El.

“I’ve been fortunate to play under some guys who have played the game before,” Decker said. “And their level of understanding for how things go and being able to be in your shoes is kind of irreplaceable. You’ve either done it or you haven’t.”

Among Decker’s requests was the ability for the organization to interview offensive line coach Hank Fraley for the vacant head coaching job.

“I think he does a really great job,” Decker said. “I think he has a really great understanding of the game. He studies the hell out of everything and all the defenses. And then, his approach with delivering the information and coaching techniques is fantastic.”

Ohio State connection with Justin Fields

Decker is by no means an NFL mock draft guru. He says he pays little attention to what the experts have to say and hardly follows college football.

One college football team he does follow, however, is Ohio State. A former Buckeye himself, Decker was asked about current draft prospect Justin Fields and how he feels Fields’ game will translate to the NFL.

“From when I’ve seen the guy, I know he’s a playmaker,” Decker said. “You watch the big-time games he plays in, not that I’m a quarterback expert, this is not the Holy Bible of draft analysis. But, he can make a lot of throws.”

Fields is widely viewed as a top-10 pick, but was once a lock to be picked No. 2 overall behind Clemson's Trevor Lawrence.

“I didn’t play with him personally, but I know some guys (who did) and they seem to like him,” Decker said.

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