Buy or Sell: Matthew Stafford Is Better Than Aaron Rodgers

John Maakaron

You are starting an NFL franchise today. You have the ability to select one of two quarterbacks: Aaron Rodgers or Matthew Stafford. Who do you select? 

Is Stafford better than Rodgers right now? 

It seems like a lopsided debate in favor of Rodgers. 

Rodgers is a multi-time NFL MVP and a Super Bowl champion. He has been to numerous Pro Bowls, and is widely regarded as the best quarterback in the NFC North. 

But there has been a growing sentiment in recent years that Stafford is the better quarterback. 

The analysts that favor Stafford typically point to the fact that being a part of the Lions franchise has not done him any favors. 

Poor coaching, multiple offensive coordinators and never having an established offensive line or running back are not Stafford's fault, per his supporters. 

Stafford has played well in the first four games of the season. 

He has been looking down the field more, and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell appears to have found the right strategy to maximize the talents of the Lions' franchise passer.

Who do you think is the better passer right now: Stafford or Rodgers? Let us know your opinion by commenting below. 

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Right now as of this very minutes it’s Stafford, for a career tho Rodgers.