Matt Patricia's Comment On Pass Rushing Sparks Debate

John Maakaron

Television viewers were treated to an inside look at Wednesday's Senior Bowl practice led by Lions head coach Matt Patricia.

Patricia's passion for coaching was on full display for viewers curious for an inside look at his coaching style. 

He wore a microphone for portions of the practice, and many commented on his propensity to use profanity.

But it was a comment that he expressed to a defensive end that sparked a debate online.

Justin Rogers of the Detroit News rewatched the television broadcast and noted that Patricia told a defensive end, "No one that rushes the passer well uses finesse. It’s all power."

Many have commented, and some have expressed disagreement with Patricia's assessment. 

Here is a sample of the reactions to Patricia's comment.


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LOL... I'm going to finesse my way through the offensive line it takes power and technique definitely no finesse