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Q&A: Lions WR Amon-Ra St. Brown Joins FanNation's NFL Draft Bible

Here is the interview Detroit Lions wideout Amon-Ra St. Brown completed with Ric Serritella of FanNation's NFL Draft Bible.

The Detroit Lions addressed their need at the wide receiver position by selecting Amon-Ra St. Brown in the fourth-round of the 2021 NFL Draft. 

St. Brown recently joined Ric Serritella of FanNation's NFL Draft Bible

(The interview below was edited for length and clarity.)

Talk to us a little bit how you got involved with Unite Health Share Ministries and your goals and missions, what you're looking to accomplish here?

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Amon-Ra St. Brown: You know, it's awesome to be partnering with UHSM. Their whole holistic view behind everything -- with nutrition and healthy living focusing on character and values. Growing up with my family and my background, that's something that they really focused on growing up was making sure that I had a good base and a good foundation. My mom was very influential in academics. My dad was very serious with us about making sure we're taking care of our bodies, putting the right stuff in our bodies, working out and staying in good shape. So just everything that they embody was something that I really saw in myself, which really wanted me to move forward with this.

I know USC is littered all over the NFL with former Trojans players. So I imagine that if you haven't already begun to kind of spread the word, but work with other athletes and players in the National Football League.

St. Brown: Having a brother that plays for the Packers is going to be exciting for me and for him. We're in the same division -- so we play each other twice a year -- which is going to be pretty interesting. I can't wait to share the field with him. Growing up, you always say you want to play in the NFL and whatnot, but to finally be on the field at the same time with your brother is going to be a dream come true, not just for me and him, but just for our family. I think they'll be there probably if they can, and just support both of us when we play. We both are receivers. So whenever the offense is on the field that's the team they'll be supporting. So that'll be fun.

Fourth round, you go to the Detroit Lions, which I thought was a little bit later than I was anticipating. A lot of football fans, analysts and scouts, they're all saying, 'This is a good fit here.' Detroit needed a wide receiver. You've got a lot of versatility. I think you can line up pretty much all over the field. You're just coming off your first OTA workout. Any indication of where your role will be on the outside, on the inside or to be determined? What what kind of feel are you getting for in that Lions offense?

St. Brown: It's kind of a new offense for all of us. We have a lot of new guys on the team with Jared (Goff) and Tyrell Williams and Breshad Perriman. So we have a lot of new pieces in the offense. When we're out of practice, we're trying to get the hang of the offense and get a hang of the playbook. But I've been playing both right now -- inside and outside. So, we'll see what ends up happening when we get close to the season. But, I'm fine with either. I love playing inside. I love playing outside. But right now, they're trying to mix me in everywhere just so I can just learn the offense and learn the concepts.

I got to ask you about this young man, Kedon Slovis. What's it like catching balls from him what is it exactly like behind the scenes that makes him so special?

St. Brown: I think Kedon (Slovis) is an awesome dude. First and foremost, he's a great leader. Takes care of his business off the field, on the field. He's an awesome, awesome quarterback. He throws one of the the prettiest balls that I've ever seen. So when you watch him throw -- it's just a pretty ball, all in all. His accuracy is amazing. I think his deep ball is one of the best parts of his game. He floats it right up and gives it a nice touch of air. I think everything with that combined, and he's a smart kid. All that combined just gives him the tools for the next level to be to be successful.

The Detroit Lions. Chris Spielman. I'm a very big fan of what he's done early on and helping change that culture. It's new to you still. But, I think he's going to turn it around there in Detroit. Any final message you want to deliver to the Lions nation before we let you go?

St. Brown: Can't wait to get to work. I'm excited for some of the fans to be out there this upcoming season. And, let's go with some games baby. One pride!