Here's How Cam Newton Can Max Out Contract With Patriots

Devon Clements

As contracts typically go with aging veterans that sign with the New England Patriots, Cam Newton has to essentially "prove it" in order to earn the full value of his contract with the six-time Super Bowl champions. In this case, "prove it" means getting the Patriots to the Super Bowl once again. 

ESPN insider Field Yates shared the full details of Newton's incentive-laden contract with New England, which goes as followed:

Base salary

- $1.05 million, with $550,000 guaranteed. 

Per-game roster bonuses

- $43,750 per-game active, up to $700,000. 

Playing-time incentives

- Maximum of $3.75 million.

- 13%: $250,000

- 20%: $500,000

- 30%: $750,000

- 40%: $1 million

- 50%: $1.25 million

- 60%: $1.5 million ($1.75 million if team makes playoffs)

- 70%: $1.75 million ($2.25 million if team makes playoffs)

- 80%: $2 million ($3 million if team makes playoffs)

- 90%: $2.25 million ($3.75 million if team makes playoffs)

Pro Bowl bonus 

- $500,000

All-Pro bonus

- $500,000

Playoff win

- $250,000 for each game above 50% playing time ($1 million max).

Maximum value

- $7.5 million

Basically, in order for Newton to max out his contract with the Patriots he needs to stay healthy for at least 14 games, would need to play well enough to earn Pro Bowl and All-Pro accolades and help the team to a Super Bowl. 

At 31 years old there's a slim chance that would happen, although it's not impossible. After dealing with several injuries over the past couple years, it seems as though Newton's best playing days are behind him. Even though he has the potential to still be a very good starting quarterback in the NFL, the only time he's been able to do all the aforementioned things was during the 2015 season when he was the league's MVP. Because of that, it's more likely than not that Newton will cash in for less than $7.5 million after the 2020 season. 

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Max McAuliffe
Max McAuliffe

Newton will basically have to be an MVP again to get the max value. If he does that, that would be one check that Kraft and Belichick would smile at while writing.

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