Oddsmakers Have Jarrett Stidham as Patriots' Starting QB in 2021

The Patriots must find their new starting quarterback this offseason

The biggest question surrounding the New England Patriots this offseason is who their starting quarterback will be. Oddsmakers have weighed in on the debate, dishing out the odds for who will be New England's starting quarterback for the 2021 season.

Here are the odds, via Sports Betting Dime:  

  • Jarrett Stidham: -220
  • Sam Darnold: +600
  • Jimmy Garoppolo: +650
  • Carson Wentz: +700
  • Cam Newton: +800
  • Matthew Stafford: +1100
  • Dak Prescott: +3300
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick: +3300

For those who were disappointed by Stidham's efforts this season, Vegas' odds will surely disappoint. Even during a lackluster season for Cam Newton in which he was benched on three separate occasions, Stidham didn't do enough to grasp the starting quarterback job when given the opportunity. That tells you enough about where he is in his development as an NFL quarterback. But the oddsmakers still think he will be under center for the Patriots in 2021. 

What surprises me the most is where Newton's odds stand. His 2020 season did nothing to merit him returning to the Patriots in 2021, which is why him having better odds than someone like Matthew Stafford or Ryan Fitzpatrick - who I think might make the most sense for New England next season - is weird. Prescott is in line to make a lot of money if the Cowboys do not franchise tag him, which is why I'm fine with oddsmakers giving him longer odds than Newton. 

Carson Wentz seems like a very big stretch to wind up in a Patriots uniform, simply because his contract is a bit too big for New England, paired with the fact that the Patriots would have to compensate the Eagles in order to get Wentz via trade. Add in that Wentz has struggled as of late, and it doesn't lead to a good match for Bill Belichick and company. 

Darnold would be up for grabs if the Jets decide to draft a quarterback come April, but again, New England would have to compensate New York for him because Darnold still has one year left on his rookie contract. 

Jimmy Garoppolo may be the most interesting name on this list. After trading him away in 2017, the Patriots oddly enough have a chance to sign him this offseason in the event that the 49ers decide to release him. San Francisco has put themselves in a situation where they can release Garoppolo without taking a major cap hit, and if the organization believes they need a better quarterback in order to contend for a championship, then it is very much in the realm of possibility that Garoppolo ends up a free agent this offseason.