NFL Rumors: Patriots Exploring Pre-Draft Trade For Ravens TE Hayden Hurst

Devon Clements

Of the several options the New England Patriots have in order to acquire a talented tight end this offseason is trading for one. And according to one report on Monday, the Patriots are attempting to trade for one of the many talented tight ends on the Baltimore Ravens' roster. 

According to Eugene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union, the Patriots and Jaguars are exploring a pre-draft trade for Ravens tight end Hayden Hurst. Frenette said whether it happens will "depend on draft capital teams r willing to part with."

As a former first-round draft pick, Hurst's narrative in Baltimore hasn't quite gone as projected. Instead of being the no. 1 tight end for the Ravens, he has found himself as one of multiple tight ends the team uses, with Mark Andrews being the top target out of the bunch, which includes Hurst and Nick Boyle. Andrews was also drafted in 2018, but was selected two rounds later than Hurst. 

During his two years with Baltimore, Hurst has accumulated just 42 receptions for 512 yards and three touchdowns. 

If the Patriots end up in a bidding war with the Jaguars over Hurst, they could be in trouble. Why? Because Jacksonville has one that thing New England doesn't in 2020: a second-round draft pick. One has to think that a second-round pick would be the winning bid for a former first-round pick that has not reached expectations, albeit just two years into his career. If that's actually the case, then New England can't match that offer, simply because they do not have a second round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. There's the possibility that New England attempts to package a bunch of mid-round draft picks in a trade offer for Hurst, but that's not as appealing as a Day 2 selection. 

The information shared by Frenette shows how the Patriots are combing the entire NFL landscape for a tight end this offseason. If they can get Hurst, that would be a great move for a player that feels he has something to prove. But if they can't, it's time to go back to the drawing board. 

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Max McAuliffe
Max McAuliffe

Excellent move. Be interesting to hear the asking price.

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