WATCH: Tom Brady runs his fastest ever 40-yard dash

He may be just shy of 42-years-old, but Tom Brady is the fastest he's ever been.
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Tom Brady's TB12 method has allowed him to play at a high level into his 40's, which is something that no quarterback has ever done in the NFL. He is arguably in the best shape of his life as he nears 42 years of age. 

He is apparently the fastest he's ever been, too. 

Wait, what?

Dov Kleiman shared a video from Facebook Watch, which featured Brady running a 40-yard dash and was being timed by his trainer, Alex Guerrero. Brady ended up running his fastest 40-yard time ever, at 5.17 seconds. He ran a 5.28 in the 40 at the NFL combine in 2000. 

Does this mean that we may see some designed run plays for Brady in 2019? Definitely not. But the video shows how New England's QB continues to defy the odds of an aging veteran on a year-to-year basis.