RB Coach Ivan Fears Explains Why He Enjoys the Patriot Way

Sam Minton

The "Patriot Way" has seemed to evolve over the years. It began as an explanation for the lack of personality from New England Patriots players and coaches, but eventually turned into a broad term for how New England operates.

When it comes to criticism off the field it all seems to go back to the 'Patriot Way." Critics and even former players make it seem like Patriots players are robots and not allowed to have fun. Some have even hypothesized that the "Patriot Way" could have led to Rob Gronkowski's departure. Could the fun-loving tight end have stayed longer if he was given the freedom he desired?

At the end of the day, criticism from former players and opponents seems to come off as jealousy. Cassius Marsh, who was released by the Patriots midway through the 2018 season, said that the Patriots have no fun. Also, there was Lane Johnson, who after defeating New England in Super Bowl LII described them as a "fear-based organization."

But if you ask Patriots players, they'll tell you they are having plenty of fun. And now one Patriots coach has given his rebuttable. 

Running backs coach Ivan Fears expounded on what life is actually like in New England and seemed to go after players who say they don't have fun.

"I say to each his own. That's simply put, to each his own," Fears said during a video call with reporters Friday. "I guess I wouldn't be here for 20 plus years if I wasn't enjoying it. If I wasn't having fun. I think everybody has what they consider their own gauge for what they want to do. I want to find a way to win. That's not going to be easy. The people we're up against, they're pretty damn good, everybody is. Sometimes you got to go a little bit harder in practice. Sometimes you got to go a little harder in meetings, sometimes you got to work just a little bit harder to define that edge that's going to give you the difference. 

"Now, if you don't think that's fun, what's the competitor, I mean what are we doing? What are we doing? So I think that's fun. I have a lot of fun with it. I enjoy being around the guys. I enjoy going after. I enjoy competing. OK. That's what it's all about, to me. But its no fun, there's no joy in anybody's buildings, if you're not finding a way to freaking win. Let's be honest. Who's having fun then? When your names in the newspaper, they're talking about replacing your butt? Who's having fun then? No, no, no, no. I think I like my way. I've enjoyed this role, and I'm going to enjoy it until Bill says 'Your ass is out of here.' Excuse my language. That's the way it goes. So I'm having fun. I'm sorry for the guys that don't, the guys that think we work too hard. I'm sorry about that for those guys. But I don't feel bad about it one damn bit."

This shows that the Patriots are a different organization. It shows what makes them great. At the end of the day, if you are winning football games you are having fun. If you are winning Super Bowls you are having fun. It's much better than the alternative which is losing games and possibly losing your job.

People seem to conveniently forget about how outgoing Bill Belichick let Rob Gronkowski be. He had a new touchdown dance every week. Also, Tom Brady wasn't afraid to wear his emotions on his sleeve. So while some players might say they don't have fun in New England, Fears' comments show that the majority of people in the Patriots organization are having fun.

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