Devin McCourty Says It Was Plan All Week to Bench Malcolm Butler in Super Bowl LII

Devon Clements

One of the lingering questions New England Patriots nation still has for head coach Bill Belichick is why he chose to bench cornerback Malcolm Butler in Super Bowl LII. As a starting CB that was struggling leading into the game, the decision to bench him came out of no where and surprised everyone when he took the field for just one snap vs. the Philadelphia Eagles, which was on special teams. 

While rumors have swirled since the incident in 2018, no explanation has been confirmed to be true. One person that spoke about the situation right after the Super Bowl was safety and captain Devin McCourty, who said the team knew going into the game that Butler wouldn't play. However, he retracted that statement by saying a few weeks later that the team knew he wouldn't start, but didn't know that Butler wouldn't play at all. 

Now, McCourty is shifting his stance on Butler's benching back to his original statement. 

"I hated when all of this came out," McCourty said on 98.5 The Sports Hub's "Toucher and Rich" Friday in Miami. "Because everybody was like, ‘They found out a day before or in the locker room.’

"Nah, everyone knew that (Butler wasn't going to play) going into the game. That wasn’t the way we practiced."

McCourty also had a rhetorical question for New Englanders who thought Butler's benching wasn't premeditated.

"For anybody that’s been in the New England area, do they really think we took the field and didn’t prepare like that wasn’t already the plan?" McCourty said.

There you have it. Maybe McCourty's comments can finally close the door on that hazy storyline. 

Now let's get back to stalking Tom Brady's social media accounts. 

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Max McAuliffe
Max McAuliffe

Heard a theory that Belichick benched Butler to bait Foles to pass. Except it backfired.