Draft Scouting Report: North Carolina WR Dyami Brown

The Tar Heels' X-Receiver could be a great depth piece for the New England Patriots in the middle of the draft.
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With the 2021 NFL Draft just weeks away, we examine some of the prospects who could be of interest to the New England Patriots.

In this scouting report, we take a closer look at Dyami Brown, a wide receiver from the University of North Carolina.


Height: 6005 (184.5cm)

Weight: 189lbs (85.7kg)

Age: 21

40-Yard Dash: 4.44 seconds

Prospect Breakdown:

Hands: 9/10 - Brown is a dependable receiver who can consistently make catches.

Contact Balance/Elusiveness: 8/10 - As a whole Brown consistently earned yards after the catch and showed enough to be a viable post-catch threat.

Route Footwork Efficiency: 8/10 - Brown showed a lot of fluidity in and out of his breaks, making him a very crisp route runner and entertaining to watch. However, he lacked a lot of route-running nuance.

Short Routes: 7.5/10 - Brown wasn't very quick but could occasionally create instant separation. He definitely has room for improvement in the short area.

Medium Routes: 8/10 - Despite his fluid breaks, Brown can still improve in the medium area as well. However, with his deep prowess, he can be a viable threat occasionally breaking toward the middle of the field in intermediate areas.

Deep Routes: 8.5/10 - Brown's strength as a receiver is very much his deep route-running ability.

Quickness: 7/10 - Brown was definitely not a twitchy player but could do enough to generate lateral separation occasionally.

Long Speed: 8/10 - Despite not being as speedy as one may want from a deep threat, Brown had enough speed for corners to have to consistently play off coverage; Brown consistently took the top off defenses in college.

Zone IQ: 6/10 - Due to a fairly limited route tree in the North Carolina Tar Heels' offense and his primary role as a deep threat, Brown did not have much of a chance to show his zone IQ. 

Release: 6/10 - Brown has a lot of room for improvement against press man and needs to learn to properly balance, square his hips, and synchronize his footwork with his hands to win off the line.

50/50 Ball: 7/10 - While not being a jump ball player by any means, Brown could consistently win downfield. 

Big Play Factor: 8.5/10 - Brown was definitely a ... dynamic... player in college and has the potential to be a spark plug in NFL offenses.

Draft Grade: Round 3

Fit with the Patriots:

New England Patriots fans should be very familiar with Brown's archetype of receiver: Brown's college tape is very reminiscent of Chris Hogan's 2016 campaign with the Patriots.

Brown consistently lined up as an X receiver in the Tar Heels' offense and showed flashes of electric playmaking ability. The 2020 first-team All-ACC receiver showed an incredible ability to vertically challenge corners. Like Hogan, despite not having world-beating athleticism, Brown was able to consistently stack and finish deep plays.

In all likelihood, Brown would fulfill a nearly identical role to newly acquired receiver Nelson Agholor in the 2021 New England offense. Therefore, if the Patriots were to draft Brown, it would likely be to add him as a depth piece in the middle rounds. 

With New England signing multiple weapons who thrive between the numbers, the team would benefit greatly from drafting a receiver such as Brown with hundreds of snaps of experience as a true outside and deep receiving threat.

Despite being a well-known spark plug of a receiver, part of Brown's appeal as a prospect includes his relatively high upside. While Brown was a fluid route runner, his understanding of route leverage and general techniques to close space in off-man coverage have room for improvement. Even despite these shortcomings, Brown still consistently produced in a difficult conference.

If the Patriots decide to take a shot on Brown, they certainly could mold him into a methodical deep route runner who, when combined with Agholor, could stretch defenses vertically.