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Patriots' offensive line was league-best against defensive stunts last season

Nothing can fool Dante Scarnecchia's offensive line. Not even stunts.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - We all know that the New England Patriots' offensive line was one of the best in the league last season, thanks in part to position coach Dante Scarnecchia, who can seemingly take any offensive lineman and turn them into a productive asset. 

But did you know that same unit was extremely effective against defensive stunts in 2018? Well, it looks like you can add it to their list of dominating categories. 

Pro Football Focus shared that New England's offensive line had a league-best 25.3 percent pressure rate allowed against defensive stunts last season. The second-best was San Francisco at 29.5 percent. 

Defensive stunts are a planned maneuver in which two defensive players exchange roles at the beginning of a play to better slip past blockers on the offensive line. The whole point is to catch the offense off-guard. It looks like the Patriots were too surprised by it in 2018. 

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