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NFL Rumors: "up to 8" Teams Interested in Signing Tom Brady This Offseason

Patriots quarterback Brady is rumored to have up to eight teams that would be interested in signing him this offseason when he becomes a free agent.

One factor that plays into whether Tom Brady leaves the New England Patriots this offseason or continues his career in New England are which teams will have an interest and could pursue the 42-year-old QB during free agency. The money another organization offers him, the roster they have in place and their location could play a part in Brady's looming decision to play elsewhere in the NFL. 

While we don't know definitively which teams will try to pursue Brady this offseason, we may now have an idea of the number of teams that are interested in the future Hall of Fame QB. 

During WEEI's crossover show between "Ordway, Merloni & Fauria" and "Mut at Night" on Tuesday, former Patriot and WEEI radio personality Christian Fauria, while discussing a report written by Yahoo! Sports' Charles Robinson that said "there is little doubt that Brady would have a line out the door for his services in March," confirmed that report by saying "I can confirm that report. That is true. Up to eight." The number that Fauria is referring to is the number of teams interested in signing Brady this offseason. 

Eight may not sound like a big number when considering there are 32 teams in then NFL, but it's a big number for the hopefuls that want Brady to stay in New England. 

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Teams rumored to have an interest in Brady this offseason are the Chargers, Raiders, Titans and Dolphins. There are also teams like the Buccaneers, Colts, and Broncos, all of which could possibly be looking to upgrade at the QB position and have the cap space in 2020 to do such if they wish. 

The 2020 free agency window is anticipated to be one of the most exciting ones to-date. With Brady, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers and Teddy Bridgewater slated to enter free agency this offseason, they are some of many talented players in the league that could (and some will) be looking for a new place to play football this upcoming season. 

The season is over for the Patriots, but the whirlwind of emotions surrounding the team is just getting started.