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Josh Jacobs and Darren Waller on NFL Top 100 List

Las Vegas Raiders Josh Jacobs and Darren Waller honored by making the NFL top 100 players list.

Josh Jacobs and Darren Waller have been getting a lot of buzz lately when it comes to popping up in notable league rankings.

Jacobs recently ranked among the top 10 players from the 2019 draft class, and Waller was ranked as the third-best tight end in the league in each of their respective lists.

Now they can count being ranked by their peers as well.

The NFL Network revealed the first 29 entrants in their annual Top 100 players countdown on Sunday, which is voted by players themselves ranking who they think are the best in the league.

Waller was ranked at No. 99 and Jacobs at No. 72, respectively. Both undoubtedly deserving, and some might say they're ranked too low.

That case could be made for Waller, recently ranked as the third-best tight end in the league by analyst David Carr. The players interviewed only had good things to say, as teammate Maxx Crosby said that Waller "is a freak. He's like 6-6, looks like a power forward out there, and he's a former receiver. You can line him up out wide against a corner and a 5-10 corner's going to struggle against that all day."

"An incredible athlete who's strong and lengthy enough to be effective in the blocking game too and that's what makes a great tight end is a guy who can kind of do it all," tight end Seth DeValve said.

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While no disrespect was intended, Waller expected to use this as motivation to prove to his peers he'd deserve a much higher spot next year.

When it comes to Jacobs, his placement seems reasonable, considering he is just coming off his rookie season. To be ranked as high as No. 72 after only one year shows how impressive that year was.

Jacobs crushed Marcus Allen's original rookie record for rushing in a season by 453 yards with his 1,150. He also graded out as the NFL's most elusive runner and had a top-five grade in yards after contact, all according to Pro Football Focus.

"I would lock in on him and just watch him throw grown men to the ground, like they were kids," teammate Johnathan Abram said.

Opposing players had plenty to say, too, of course.

"Any time you have someone who doesn't avoid contact at the end of their rushes or he can outrun guys in the open field, that's puts guys in that debate," Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap said. "Do I hit him low, do I try to hit him face up, is he going to try to outrun me? That's a rare combination."

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