Las Vegas Raiders Nicholas Morrow Ready for the Next Step

Las Vegas Raiders linebacker Nicholas Morrow is ready to take the next step for the Silver and Black

Gambling in Las Vegas might be a popular thing to do, but it is not the mindset players should have on the field if they plan to win games.

A change is occurring in the Las Vegas Raiders locker room as players step up to change the culture in the desert and change it for the greater good.

A few players have already been outspoken about the team needing an identity on defense. Still, linebacker Nicholas Morrow is another player who puts his words into action and adds to what the Raiders need to do to get over the hump.

"What I think the defense needs, I don't know if I'm in the position to say this, but there's a point where as a defense, you got to decide who we want to be. Being accountable to our actions, accountable to each other," Morrow said on what the Silver and Black need to do.

The Raiders head into the 2021 NFL season with high expectations once again, but they refuse to let last year's lack of maturity and discipline among some of the team hold them back.

"You just have to hold ourselves to a standard that is acceptable for a professional football player and in some cases if we're being honest we lack the accountability, from players and coaches, we have to be more accountable to our jobs because we're all connected together. We're all in it together," Morrow said.

We understand no one is perfect, but as a paid professional, the organization's expectations are put in place and expected to meet the standards of the franchise.

It's a decision every person in the organization has to make if they plan to move this team forward as contenders in the AFC West and the NFL, and it needs to be done in the locker room and carry it into the field.

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