Raiders Rodney Hudson Belonged in NFL Top 100

Darin Alexander Baydoun

Earlier this week, the NFL Network revealed its annual Top 100 players count down. Notable because the list is voted on by players themselves, players from the Las Vegas Raiders got some early love from their peers when tight end Darren Waller was voted as the 99th best player in the league, and running back Josh Jacobs came in at 72.

However, the Silver and Black came close to having three of its players on that list.

It was revealed in a video on that showed the next 10 highest players who didn't make the cut that Raiders center Rodney Hudson came in at No. 105. Based on Hudson's play, though, one could argue that he should have made the list, and actually should have even been a lock.

It doesn't seem like much of a stretch to say when earlier in July, ESPN ranked Hudson as the sixth-best interior lineman in the league and also ranked as the best center, which marks the fifth year in a row he's had that distinction.

Considering that the list was made up of more than 50 league executives, coaches, scouts, and players, it seems like Hudson has certainly become recognized throughout the league.

Raiders coach Jon Gruden has even said that he's the "best center that I've coached."

Offensive linemen, though, as this former lineman can attest, are often overlooked when talking about the NFL's best players. Their contributions don't show up on a standard stat sheet, and if they ever end up touching the ball, it's likely to be seen as just a funny moment.

When you have the credentials that Hudson has though, when Pro Football Focus has graded you to be the best pass blocker in the league for the last five seasons and you have not given up a sack since 2017, it would seem he more than deserves to be in that conversation.

All he can do now is play like he always has and wait to see next year's list. With the amount of praise he's already gotten, it wouldn't be surprising to see the rest of his peers finally recognize exactly how good he is. 

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Hikaru Kudo
Hikaru Kudo


Ultimately a list is a list. No matter who made it. Rodney Hudson is a beast for the Raiders. He's underappreciated for what he brings to his team. He's a leader on the offensive line. He's a guy that can execute. Hudson only allowed three pressures in 509 pass-blocking snaps.