WR Tyrell Williams Expected To Be Released By Raiders

Raiders WR Tyrell Williams is expected to be released by the Raiders at the beginning of the new league year

Wide receiver Tyrell Williams is expected to be released by the Las Vegas Raiders at the beginning of the new league year.

Williams missed the entire 2020 season due to a shoulder injury that required injury.

In 2019, he caught 42 passes for 651 yards and six touchdowns.

At the time, he needed another receiver to support him on the field.

The 2020 draft included the addition of wide receiver Henry Ruggs III.

However, they never played together due to Williams' injury.

With a decreased salary cap this season between $175 to $185 million combined, teams simply cannot afford to keep veterans on the team who are injured and might not play.

While Williams's salary counts for $11.6 million of the cap, the fifth-highest on the team, by releasing him the Raiders ultimately only save $1 million.

However, that $1 million can be used elsewhere, such as on some defensive personnel instead of a player who the Raiders simply don’t know if he can perform.

It’s a gamble the Raiders are not willing to make.

For now, it looks like the Raiders are going to be sticking with Ruggs for the long run.

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