Buccaneer Super Bowl QB Praises Raiders Nathan Peterman

Fresh off of a Super Bowl win, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback praises the Las Vegas Raiders Nathan Peterman
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Second chances in the NFL are hard to come around, but when coaches and players do get that second chance, they make sure to make the best out of them.

In this case, one's career can be overshadowed by the failures of their first rodeo in the NFL. Some can blame the front office, coaching staff, locker room culture, or the player itself.

After a 13-year career in the NFL, veteran quarterback Drew Stanton knows precisely how it feels to be put in a challenging position early in their career and resurrecting it with another team.

Stanton was a guest on Raider Nation Radio with Sports Illustrated's Raider Maven's Editor and Publisher Hondo Carpenter and Clay Baker on Raider Nation Radio (LINK TO LISTEN LIVE).

Stanton was drafted in the second round, 43rd overall by the Lions in the 2007 NFL Draft. Stanton was part of the winless team in the 2008 season but eventually won a Super Bowl as a back-up to Tom Brady in Tampa Bay last season.

"We're constantly being evaluated, and your tape is your resume, that's what I try to tell the young guys and they're watching our every move, they're trying to find reasons, not to pay you, not to keep you on the roster and all these things," said Stanton.

Recently retired from football, Stanton spoke about how happy it made him feel to see Nathan Peterman resurrect his career with another team and build the confidence that every player in the NFL needs to succeed.

"I got the chance to know Nathan Peterman a little bit, his career starting off extremely rocky, but I'm still happy to see where he's at now. He's in a great situation, where he's been able to be someplace for a couple of years with guys that believe in him. That confidence is so, so vitally important to succeed in this level, because it's the easiest thing to lose, hardest to get back and the most important thing to have. And somebody like Nathan, that has been able to get to a good situation, an offense where he feels comfortable, he can thrive and continue to be there," said Stanton on Peterman, making the best of his opportunity in a team that believes in him.

"When his time comes, I know he's going to be successful the next time he goes out there," added Stanton.

In the fifth round, Peterman was drafted 171st overall by the Bills back in 2017 to back up Josh Allen. His career opportunity came in the 2018 season, where he would have to start in for a few games while the Bills dealt with injuries at quarterback.

Peterman would complete 44 out of 81 passes with one touchdown and seven interceptions. In the modern era, Peterman finished dead last in quarterback rating that season and the worst among qualified candidates during the previous 40 years.

"You don't know when those opportunities come as a young guy, and sometimes you take them for granted, you think they're gonna to come all the time. I went five years without starting a football game and was lucky to survive on a NFL roster and between those times," said Stanton on taking for granted some of those opportunities early in his career.

Peterman has not taken for granted anything in his career. He may have started on the wrong foot in Buffalo, but in Las Vegas, he is often praised by the coaching staff.

Last February, the Raiders granted him a one-year extension worth $2.775 million to remain in the locker room.

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