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Raiders Reportedly File Complaint for Ravens Hits on Renfrow

Wide receiver took some shots.

The Las Vegas Raiders reportedly filed a complaint to the NFL for what they deemed as several illegal hits on wide receiver Hunter Renfrow by the Ravens. 

There have been various videos posted on social media of Renfrow taking hits away from the ball. In one instance, Baltimore cornerback Marlon Humphrey flatted Renfrow away from the play.

“I did hit Hunter Renfrow a little after the play," Humphrey said. "I thought Derek Carr was out of the pocket. I apologized to him on the field. But yes, that was a play I wish I could take back.”

Linebacker Patrick Queen also delivered a hit, but Ravens defensive coordinator Don Martindale said he has not gotten any feedback on the incidents.  

“I haven’t heard that. I haven’t heard that about a player specifically. We play physical football here in Baltimore,” Martindale said. 

The NFL has yet to announce any penalties for the Ravens.