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Ravens QB Lamar Jackson On 'Historic Pace'

Play Caller is already one of league's most successful QBs

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Lamar Jackson still takes a lot of criticism for his passing skills.

However, he already ranks among the all-time greats based on the statistics.

Jackson has thrown 70 touchdowns with 20 interceptions over his first 1,000 passes, trailing only Dan Marino (75-26), Kurt Warner (73-34), and Mahomes (71-16), according to research by Deadspin's Chuck Modiano.

In addition, Jackson is ranked fifth for the highest passer rating among the first 1,000 pass attempts. 

1. Patrick Mahomes (109.2)

2. Kurt Warner (105.6)

3. Deshaun Watson (104.3)

4. Dan Marino (102.5)

5. Lamar Jackson (101.9)

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"Lamar is the Aaron Donald of offense. Donald changes nearly every Rams play to an 11 vs. 10 or 11 vs. 9 advantage as offenses use 2-3 guys to block him as teammates rack up tackles Donald creates," Modiano writes. "Teams also use extra men to shadow Lamar. He freezes defenders that open up both passing lanes for average receivers and running lanes for average running backs. Even assessing Lamar’s impact solely on his amazing stats is as short-sighted as assessing Donald’s by his sacks and tackles."

Jackson also has the fourth-most touchdown passes over the first 1,000 passes trailing Marino, Warner, and Mahomes. Jackson also has the fifth-fewest interceptions.

Other stats on Jackson:

  • Baltimore is 32-8 with Jackson as its regular season starter. Since his first NFL start (Week 11 of 2018), Jackson’s 32 wins are the most among all NFL starting QBs. Jackson is also the fastest QB in league history to reach 30 regular season victories.
  • In 2020, Jackson (1,005) became the first QB in NFL history to surpass the 1,000-yard rushing milestone in multiple seasons, also doing so in 2019 (1,206).
  • Jackson tallied 26 TD passes and 7 rushing TDs in 2020, joining Deshaun Watson (2018-19) as the only QBs with at least 25 TD passes and 5 rushing TDs in consecutive seasons in NFL history.
  • Jackson is the fastest QB in league history (35 games) to reach 5,000 passing yards and 2,000 rushing yards. He’s also the first player in NFL history to reach 5,000 passing yards and 2,500 rushing yards in the first three seasons of a career.

Jackson is closer to greatness than simply a running quarterback.