Lamar Jackson: 'Two Hands On The Football'

Baltimore QB has two turnovers.
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BALTIMORE — Lamar Jackson carried the Ravens offense in the Monday night opener against the Las Vegas Raiders.

However, he had two critical fumbles that led to the game-tying touchdown in the fourth quarter and the winning score in overtime in the 33-27 loss. 

“That ticked me off. I hate fumbles," Jackson said. "I hate any type of turnover. The first one didn’t ticked me off because we had them. It was right down there, they left points on. They could have scored right there. That ticked me off. Then the last one, just two hands on the ball, trying to have two hands on the ball. I could have taken a sack if anything, but it happens in football.”

Jackson was able to make plays despite being under constant pressure. 

He had a 28-yard run that set up the Ravens go-ahead score late in the fourth quarter but the defense could not hold the lead with under a minute left.

Jackson finished 19-of-30 for 235 passing yards and one touchdown, adding 12 rushes for 86 yards. With 235 passing yards, Jackson (7,320) passed Vinny Testaverde (7,148) for the third-most career passing yards in franchise history.

“Any loss you have is going to be tough," Jackson said. "We’ve been working so hard in the off-season to prepare for a team and then it comes down to overtime and we lose. My team played great. We just have to keep building, keep stacking and keep getting better every day. We’ll be fine. That loss hurts, definitely.”

The Ravens' offensive line struggled throughout the game. Tyre Phillips had to be carted from the field with a knee injury.

Jackson absorbed three sacks and seven quarterback hits.

“I mean, you know when you’re a quarterback, you’re trying to go through your progressions and guys in your face trying to get them a sack, it’s going to be like that," Jackson said. "Sometimes you can’t go through your reads, you got to make something happen. That’s what I tried doing on that last one. I saw it breaking down, try to push a lineman, try to get out of the pocket and he hit me while I’m doing it. So, I’ll try and hold onto the ball next time though.”

Jackson is going to have to be more mobile if the offensive line doesn't improve, which will leave him susceptible to an injury. 

Their performance is troubling and they're going to have to play better to have any chance of beating the Chiefs in Week 2.

"We have to prepare for a great team, Sunday night in the 'Bank,'" Jackson said. "We've got to make something happen."