Deuce McAllister Talks Saints and Crown Royal Hydrate

Saints legend Deuce McAllister discusses the Crown Royal Water Break initiative and how New Orleans will handle life without Drew Brees.
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Deuce McAllister recently joined Saints News Network to discuss the Crown Royal Water Break, something he has been a part of for the past several years. Hear what he had to say about that, the team's life without Drew Brees, how effective Sean Payton can be, and his assessment of the interior offensive line.

Crown Royal believes being a royal fan this season means staying safe, generously supporting your community, and drinking responsibly while rooting on your team. That’s how to Crown Your Game Day. Wherever you’re watching sports, you have to make time for Water Breaks in between drinks. Don’t be that fan who ruins game day for their friends.

See the full interview below, or click here.