Saints and the NFC Playoff Picture: Week 13

The Saints can clinch a playoff berth after this weekend, but must take care of their own business against the Falcons first.
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We're already in Week 13 across the NFL, as it seems like this season has blown by, even with COVID-19. The Saints are sitting high and mighty atop the conference and division with just five games left to play. Here's a glimpse at the latest NFC Playoff picture.

If the NFC Playoffs started today...

  1. Saints (9-2)
  2. Seahawks (8-3)
  3. Packers (8-3)
  4. Giants (4-7)
  5. Rams (7-4)
  6. Bucs (7-5)
  7. Cardinals (6-5)

In the Hunt

  • Vikings (5-6)
  • Bears (5-6)
  • 49ers (5-6)
  • Lions (4-7)
  • Washington Football Team (4-7)
  • Falcons (4-7)
  • Panthers (4-8)
  • Eagles (3-7-1)
  • Cowboys (3-8)

The Saints are still in the driver's seat after a big victory over the Broncos. They travel to Atlanta to take on the Falcons in a noon kickoff, and look to keep their lead in the NFC. The Bucs and Panthers are on their bye week.

Matchups to watch: The Packers host the Eagles in a late kickoff on Sunday, while the Seahawks host the Giants just 20 minutes before that game. Those are the matchups that most directly affect the Saints, but it's worth keeping an eye on what happens with the Rams (at Cardinals in late kick). 

How the Saints can clinch a playoff spot

  1. NO win + CHI loss or tie 
  2. NO tie + CHI loss + MIN loss + SF loss or tie 
  3. NO tie + CHI loss + MIN loss + ARI loss or tie