Saints Game Live Blog: Vikings vs. Saints - NFC Wild Card Game

Kyle T. Mosley

New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings Live Game Blog and Thread from the Saints News Network.

Saints Gameday - Vikings
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The Saints Inactive Report by SNN's John Hendrix:


Anxious atmosphere inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Fox Sports Announcers: Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are announcing the game.

Uniforms:  New Orleans Saints - All White;  Minnesota Vikings - All Purple

Saints News Network Team Reporting:  Kyle T. Mosley (@ktmoze) and John Hendrix (@johnjhendrix)

First Quarter

Vikings won the coin toss and will receive the football.

W.Lutz kicks 65 yards from NO 35 to end zone, Touchback.

First play, hold on #20 Jenkins.

Vonn Bell recovers Thielen's fumble.  Bell was out of bounds at the 37 yard line.  Jenkins created the fumble.

(14:18) K.Cousins pass short right to A.Thielen to MIN 42 for 3 yards (J.Jenkins). FUMBLES (J.Jenkins), RECOVERED by NO-V.Bell at MIN 42. V.Bell ran ob at MIN 37 for 5 yards (G.Bradbury). Pass -2, YAC 5

Saints Football

(14:10) A.Kamara left guard to MIN 33 for 4 yards (L.Joseph).

(13:06) T.Hill right tackle to MIN 26 for 2 yards (E.Wilson).   First Down

(12:23) (Shotgun) D.Brees pass short left to M.Thomas pushed ob at MIN 14 for 12 yards (A.Sendejo).

Penalty on Griffin - First Down

The Vikings stop the Saints and sack Brees

(9:56) W.Lutz 29 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-Z.Wood, Holder-T.Morstead.


Vikings Ball

(4:47) (Shotgun) S.Diggs pass short right to O.Johnson to NO 25 for 9 yards (V.Bell).

(4:09) D.Bailey 43 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-A.Cutting, Holder-B.Colquitt.


(:47) (Shotgun) K.Cousins sacked at MIN 43 for -6 yards (T.Hendrickson).

Saints usually stiff defense on the run has allowed Vikings RB's Dalvin Cook and Mattison to run well in the first quarter.  The Saints with great field position could not score a touchdown in the redzone.   The Vikings defense is pressuring Brees and Peat and Ramczyk have given up pressures on Brees.

Second Quarter

(15:00) B.Colquitt punts 57 yards to end zone, Center-A.Cutting, Touchback.

(14:52) D.Brees pass short left to M.Thomas pushed ob at NO 35 for 15 yards (X.Rhodes). Pass 15, YAC 0

Saints are having problems handling the Vikings interior pressure.  Similar to the scheme the Rams and Falcons used to defeat the Saints.

(11:47) (Shotgun) K.Cousins pass incomplete short right to K.Rudolph (P.Williams).

(11:43) B.Colquitt punts 51 yards to NO 13, Center-A.Cutting. D.Harris to NO 30 for 17 yards (C.Ham).

Saints Football

(10:52) (Shotgun) T.Hill right tackle to NO 46 for 11 yards (E.Kendricks).

SAINTS TOUCHDOWN - Alvin Kamara TD run


(7:05) A.Mattison left tackle to NO 36 for 1 yard (T.Hendrickson).

(6:23) D.Cook right tackle to NO 32 for 4 yards (C.Gardner-Johnson).

Vikings in the Redzone

(4:25) K.Cousins pass short right to D.Cook ran ob at NO 3 for 19 yards (M.Williams). Pass -5, YAC 24

(3:34) D.Cook left end pushed ob at NO 3 for -2 yards (D.Davis).

(2:57) D.Bailey 21 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-A.Cutting, Holder-B.Colquitt.


2:49 left.  Saints Football

SAINTS - 10 , VIKINGS - 13 

The Vikings took advantage the Brees interception.  The Saints defense is winded.  The Saints are losing the time of possession in the game.

54 yard return by Deonte Harris setups the Saints to get within FG range.

Wil Lutz missed the football to the right.


Saints are making uncharacteristic mistakes.  Dalvin Cook is getting great clocking from his offensive line.  If it were not for Demario Davis and Trey Hendrickson, this game could be a 7 point lead for the Vikings.   Brees and the Saint will get the football first out of the halftime break.

(11:33) (Shotgun) D.Brees pass short middle to A.Kamara to NO 38 for -6 yards (Jal.Johnson). Pass -2, YAC -4

(10:48) T.Morstead punts 50 yards to MIN 12, Center-Z.Wood, fair catch by M.Sherels.

Saints should consider a change at LG.  Peat is not holding-up well the the pressure.

Saints defense able to stop the Vikings offense.

All-Pro J.T. Gray flagged on the punt return.  Negates an excellent return by Deonte Harris.

Saints offense continues to struggle on pass protection and 3rd down.  

(7:08) T.Morstead punts 46 yards to MIN 36, Center-Z.Wood, fair catch by M.Sherels.

Saints may have 4-5 possessions left.  Defense on the field.

Cook touchdown.


(10:37) (Shotgun) D.Brees pass deep left to T.Hill for 20 yards, TOUCHDOWN. Pass 20, YAC 0

Taysom Hill has the been the Saints go-to guy in this game.  


(10:31) S.Diggs left end to MIN 31 for 6 yards (S.Tuttle).

(7:07) (Shotgun) K.Cousins pass incomplete deep middle to A.Hollins (C.Gardner-Johnson).

Saints Football

New Orleans needs a Touchdown to take the lead.

Saints 3rd down.

The Legend of Taysom Hill!!!

(5:44) (Shotgun) N.Easton reported in as eligible. Direct snap to T.Hill. T.Hill right tackle to NO 47 for 9 yards (H.Smith). MIN-S.Stephen was injured during the play. His return is Questionable.

(:07) W.Lutz 49 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-Z.Wood, Holder-T.Morstead.

Two second left in the game.


Minnesota wins the coin toss and will receive the football.

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