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Saints-Bucs Halftime Report | Week 2

New Orleans Saints-Tampa Bay Buccaneers halftime report.

New Orleans Saints-Tampa Bay Buccaneers halftime report for the NFC South battle of the division's top two teams.

  • Saints lead the series 39-21.
  • Winston is playing with 4 fractured ribs.
  • No Alvin Kamara due to injury.

Saints 1st Drive

  • Ingram picks up two early Saints first downs.
  • 7 yards by Tony Jones 
  • Winston to Thomas for 1st down for 13 yards, tackled by Winfield Jr.
  • Ingram on the 1st down rush for 3 yards.
  • Hill power lead draw goes for a first down.  13 yard gain at the 17 yard line.
  • Winston to Jones.  Now a 3rd and 5 for the first down.
  • Winston to Olave was incomplete.  4th and 5, 
  • Wil Lutz for the 33-yard FG attempt. is successful
  • New Orleans 3, Tampa Bay 0
  • Drive: 11 plays, 63 yards 5:58 sec

Score: Saints 3, Bucs 0


Bucs 1st Drive

  • The Who Dat Nation is loud and boisterous.
  • Jordan tackles Fournette for no gain.
  • Werner breaks up the Brady pass.
  • QB Brady to WR Miller for a 1st down for 23 yard gain.
  • Saints rush defense is playing Fournette well early. 1 yard gain.
  • Brady to Gage for a 3rd and 6 at the 48 of the Saints.
  • Mike Evans snagged a Brady pass for a first down.
  • Crowd noise reached 100.8 decibels
  • Justin Evans is getting the Brady treatment as a rookie.  WR Gage for 6 yards.
  • Brady fumbles the football.  Saints recovers by LB Demario Davis.
  • LT Wirfs tackled Davis at the 25-yard line.

Saints 2nd Drive

  • Washington for 3 yards.  Tackled by former Saints DT A. Hicks.
  • Unnecessary roughness call extends the drive for New Orleans.  The Neal hit Winston while he was in the grasp of David's sack.
  • New Orleans is trying to establish the run with Ingram.  3 yard on the play.
  • Ingram stopped by Hicks.
  • Hill run is stuffed.
  • 4th down.
  • Blake Gillikin punts for 35 yards.  Bucs fair catch at the 23-yard line.
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First-Quarter Score

Saints 3, Bucs 0

Saints led in time of possession and yardage in the first quarter.

Bucs 2nd Drive

  • Brady and the Bucs have a 3rd down attempt.
  • Again picking on Saints DB Evans.
  • Fournette for 13 yards, runs over Tyrann Mathieu.  Not so friendly St. Aug/LSU on St. Aug/LSU crime on the run by Fournette.
  • Incomplete to White.  Werner's 2nd pass break up.
  • 4th down and short.
  • Bucs going for it on 4th down.
  • Fournette was stopped short of the first down.  Good penetration by the Saints defensive line.  Street and Granderson combined for the tackle on Fournette.

Saints 3rd Drive

  • 2nd and 9.
  • Winston dumps off to Ingram.  
  • 3rd and 6 from the 13-yard line.
  • Winston overthrows Chris Olave.  Contact from the Bucs defensive back is disregarded by the refs.
  • Gillikin punts for 54 yards to Darden.  

Bucs 3rd Drive

  • 2nd and 8.  Brady being pressured by the Saints again.
  • False start on the right tackle, No. 78 Tristian Wirfs
  • Saints defense stops the drive with a 3 and out.

Saints 4th Drive

  • New Orleans is backed-up at their 7-yard line.   
  • Olave couldn't hold on to Winston's pass.  Off his fingertips.
  • Dangerous pass to Michael Thomas was deflected, almost intercepted.
  • Winston to Thomas for a first down.  13-yard gain. 29 yard line.
  • Tony Jones Jr for 6 yards.  2nd and 4 at the 26.
  • PI on Thomas.  2nd and 14
  • Landry's first catch for 5 yards.
  • 3rd and 9
  • Neutral zone infraction on Devin White.  5-yard penalty.  3rd down and 5.
  • Winston connects with Olave for 8 yards.  1st down.
  • Winston misses on Olave deep.  A little long.
  • Mark Ingram barrels down the Bucs defensive line for 6 yards.
  • 3rd and 4 at 39.
  • Winston fumbled from being tackled from behind by Barrett.  New Orleans recovers.  4th down.
  • False start on No. 53 Baun.
  • 4th and 9 at the 34.
  • Gillikin punts for 53 yards.  Bucs 1st down at 9 yard line.

Bucs 4th Drive

  • False start
  • 2 yards from Fournette
  • 2nd and 13.
  • Brady completes pass.  Werner tackles.  3rd and 9.
  • Brady's pass incomplete to Russell Gage.  4th and 9
  • Harty to receive.  He lost yardage of six avoiding the Bucs.

Saints 5th Drive

  • Winston to Landry.  Gain of 3.
  • 2nd and 7
  • Winston to Juwan Johnson.  3rd and 5 yards.
  • Personal foul.  Olave was tackled a yard short of the first down.  David PI.
  • Chris Olave for a six yard catch.  Saints at the 39 yard line.
  • Pass late to Michael Thomas.  Ryan pass break up.
  • Winston took on Winfield with a hard tackle.  DECISION TIME FOR DENNIS ALLEN.
  • Lutz would be for over 50 yards.
  • 4th and 9 from the 44.

Injury Update: Akiem Hicks has a foot injury.  Questionable to return.


Saints 3, Bucs 0