Chris Godwin: Decision Making Key for Jameis Winston's Future Success

Chris Godwin talks about Jameis Winston with Kyle Brandt, offering his opinion on what the possible Saints starter needs to do differently to get better.
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Chris Godwin was a former teammate of Jameis Winston in Tampa for three seasons, and he recently spoke about him on this week's episode of 10 Questions with Kyle Brandt. You can listen to the full episode here

Godwin, who had three seasons with Winston as his quarterback, was an adamant believer that Winston got more blame on the turnovers during his last season with the Bucs than he should have. Godwin was asked about Jameis Winston during the show around the 33:43 mark, and he mentioned that the connection was still good with him, still texting a lot during last season.

“Me and him are still cool," Godwin said. "Jameis is a really good guy. He’s passionate about football, he’s a great teammate, nothing but respect for him. Criticism is what comes with the territory, QB is one of the most important positions.”

What does Jameis Winston need to do differently and help the Saints get to the Super Bowl? Godwin says it's all in the decision making.

“He has all the things you want in a QB, just not taking unnecessary risks. It seems like he’s learned that, and the past year has been good for him and his development. He has a good offense, great skill players. He’s in our division so not expecting him to get to the Super Bowl this year.”

Brandt finished talking about Winston with him by closing with the infamous eating a W speech that happened in the Superdome, something that came back after the Saints crushed the Bucs in their Week 9 primetime meeting.

“That was so funny, I was so shocked. I’m in the back left of him, it’s my second year…I was just like what did he do? I see him lick his fingers, no shot I’m dapping him up after that!”

Winston is certainly the frontrunner to win the Saints starting job in 2021, and he's only focused on being the best version of himself that he can be. We looked at his interceptions from that 2019 season, and it was shocking to see that 19 of them came in just five games. He should be a lot more disciplined with New Orleans this year, and the sky is the limit for him to make his mark and hopefully earn a really big payday.