Saints Chances for a First-Round Bye Still Alive

The New Orleans Saints updated version of their chances at a first-round bye in the NFC playoffs.

The New Orleans Saints chances for a NFC playoff first-round bye are still alive.  Slim, but alive. Three scenarios are still in play for the Saints to gain the #1 Seed:

  1. Week 17 - New Orleans Saints (12-3) defeat the Carolina Panthers (5-10);
  2. Week 17 - Detroit Lions (3-11) defeat the Green Bay Packers (12-3);
  3. Week 17 - Seattle Seahawks (11-4) defeat the San Francisco 49ers (12-3) on Sunday Night Football and win the NFC West Division.

The Saints lost three NFC conference games to the Rams, Falcons, and 49ers.  Those losses have negatively impacted their route to a first-round bye since the Packers and 49ers each have 2 losses in the conference.

The #1 and #2 seeds have become the NFC representatives in the Super Bowl in the past seven years.

Based upon the current NFC Playoff Picture, if the Saints fall to the #3 seed they will face the Minnesota Vikings (#6) in the Wild Card round.  

New Orleans can gain the #2 Seed if:

  1. Week 17: Saints defeat Panthers;
  2. Week 17: Seahawks defeat 49ers;
  3. Week 17: Packers defeat Lions.  Packers will become the #1 Seed.

New Orleans must win on the road and rely on a banged-up Seahawks team to win at home against a healthier 49ers squad.  If San Francisco wins in Seattle, they will earn the #1 Seed and have home-field advantage through the playoffs.

The Saints need help from the Seattle to either become the #1 or #2 Seed for the NFC.

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