Several Saints players weigh in on Drew Brees interview

Saints players voice their opinions on social media after the Drew Brees interview on Wednesday.
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The Drew Brees backlash has run rampant after his Wednesday morning interview with Yahoo Finance. Several New Orleans Saints players, as well as many other football players and prominent sports figures, have voiced their opinion on social media. Disclaimer: Some of the statements and videos may be considered NSFW.

Malcolm Jenkins

Via his Instagram, "As I was trying to muster up the energy and find the words to address Drew Brees’s comments I recorded this video. Before I could post it, Drew reached out to me to discuss his point of view."

"All in all, I’m still posting this video because it’s important for anyone who wants to consider themself an ally to know how these words and actions affect those who you want to help. Drew’s words during his interview were extremely painful to hear and I hope he rectifies them with real action."

Demario Davis

Michael Thomas

Cameron Jordan

Emmanuel Sanders

C.J. Gardner-Johnson

Alvin Kamara

Marcus Davenport

Cam Jordan actually responded to Davenport's tweet, saying "Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but This ain’t it, Does it seemingly denounce the focal point of what the intended kneeling was meant for, yes! 📱"

Former teammates of Brees have also weighed in, which most notably might have been Marques Colston.

Colston said in a lengthy Twitter post, "I saw something today from a former teammate that I couldn't ignore. Drew, I had a ton of respect for you as a teammate on the field."

He continued, "But as a man, a black man, and a father your comments today cut deep. Not because you have an opinion or perspective - but because it continues to be so dismissive and insensitive to others."

According to ESPN's Dianna Russini, players are not wishing to give any quotes to the media and there's a plan for a team meeting to discuss this matter in-house.