Glazer: Saints believe they have franchise QB in Taysom Hill if Drew Brees moves on

John Hendrix

On Monday, FOX's Jay Glazer and Curt Menefee joined Colin Cowherd on The Herd in Miami to talk Super Bowl LIV. During the interview, both Menefee and Glazer talked about the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees, which is sure to raise some eyebrows.

You can see the full interview here if the embedded video does not work.

Glazer talked about how Brees is in a different position than Eli Manning and Philip Rivers, and that Tom Brady will be able to choose where he wants to go.

"It's Saints or nobody," Glazer said. "And Sean Payton has already said yes. If he wants back, he's back. It's not a question in his mind. It's a question of what Drew (Brees) wants to do."

Here's where things got interesting. Glazer added, "They do have their quarterback of the future on the roster too. That quarterback will be Taysom Hill. Taysom, they believe is a franchise quarterback, and especially you've seen what Lamar Jackson has been able to do, so they think they have him here."

"But, Sean (Payton) has been very, very clear. If Drew wants it, we want Drew, we still want Drew as long as Drew wants to go. So, this isn't a situation like the other guys where they're kind of pushing them out the door, they are welcoming him with open arms if he wants to come back."

Hill certainly has some appealing attributes, but would obviously not be able to do everything he has been doing if he were to become the team's quarterback. With all of this talk, it appears more and more that Teddy Bridgwater will become the odd man out and test free agency. He'll likely cash in on a pretty good deal to be a starter for a quarterback-needy team.

Of course, all of this sounds like it hinges on what Brees ultimately decides. Hopefully, we have not seen the last of No. 9, as he gives the Saints the best chance of winning a Super Bowl with their current makeup.

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No. 1-1

Do we really think Hill is the future of this franchise? If not Brees I think Bridgewater would be a perfect fit for this team and keep Hill as a utility player who gets more snaps. Personally I don't think Hill can reach the ultimate goal and win a Super Bowl as the starting QB