Sean Payton on Jameis Winston: "I'd like to see him competing to be that guy."

Sean Payton talks at length with Saints legend Morten Andersen, giving some thoughts on Jameis Winston and Drew Brees.
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Saints legend Morten Andersen continues to get some of the top guests on The Great Dane Podcast, and just released his episode with head coach Sean Payton. They talked about the missed pass interference call from the 2018 season and the significance of it, the consecutive playoff appearances the team has had over the past four years, Tom Brady rumors, the future of Drew Brees, and the future of the Saints quarterback position. You can check out the full interview here.

We all want to know about the future quarterback of the Saints, and that's something that hopefully we get an answer to soon with the start of the league year right around the corner. Here's how Payton views things.

"I think right now, there's two players under contract, and that's Drew and Taysom," said Payton.

"So, I think, number one, Jameis Winston we had a good year to work with and he's someone I've said it on record already that we'd like to sign back. I'd like to see him competing to be that guy. All of that's predicated on what happens with Drew, and I think we'll know sooner than later relative to his decision."

Payton did hint that we might know within the next two weeks on Brees. We've heard for a while now that New Orleans wants to bring Jameis Winston back, dating back to mid-December on the Huddle and Flow Podcast with Jim Trotter and Steve Wyche.

It's worth bringing up that on a previous show with Cam Jordan, he weighed in on the future quarterback spot that endorsed Winston.

The league announced the salary cap for 2021 on Wednesday, as well as the compensatory picks that the Saints received. As a great meme depicted once, It's happening.