Saints Draft Prospect: Brady Davis - Draft Diamond in the Rough

Brady Davis and delivers the football with a wallop. He stands at 6-2 3/4, 212 lbs, solid measurables for an NFL quarterback.  Could Brady be a great mid-round choice for New Orleans?
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Brady Davis and delivers the football with a wallop. He stands at 6-2 3/4, 212 lbs, solid measurables for an NFL quarterback. Could Brady be a great mid-round choice for New Orleans?

Brady Davis, QB - Illinois State


Mike Detillier released his 2021 Draft Report and delivered the following remarks on Davis:

"Brady has a good size for the quarterback spot, a very strong arm, and he has some major league zip on his throws. He can make all of the NFL throws and hit the deep passes outside the hashes, and the deep underneath passes. Davis has a smooth over-the-top delivery, and he can fit passes in small window spots. He has good overall mechanics, and he steps up strong to throw from his launchpad.

Brady's accuracy skills run hot and cold. He tends not to anticipate a WR's cuts and breaks, and his throws go off the mark. Timing and rapport with his needs to be upgraded.  

He prefers throwing from the pocket than moving outside his inside comfort zone. He will put up some poor throws under pressure inside. NFL teams will want to look at his knee injuries. He is an interesting player who is quite talented as a passer, but he needs work with his mechanics and timing skills and needs to learn how to move a little left or right to but extra time."

Mike Detillier's Draft Report 2021


Brady Davis is a sixth-year senior who passed up another year of eligibility in favor of trying to make a run at the pros, Davis is a delight to watch for an FCS quarterback. Davis had a few highlight-reel throws each week in college with an NFL-caliber arm that can hit deep throws outside the hashes or change trajectories.

He’s still learning the game's nuances as a passer, but his touch has some brilliant flashes. However, he’s behind the curve in terms of anticipation and struggles to hit receivers in stride consistently. Davis also lacks in play-extension ability. While he is comfortable with throwing off-platform from a mechanical standpoint, he doesn’t have the type of ball placement that teams will desire. If he can become more reliable and controlled in the face of pressure, Davis has the tools to be a future roster-able passer. It’s more likely that he gets a camp roster shot and has to earn his way onto the practice squad.

Full Report on Brady Davis a the NFL Draft Bible


Brady is a good pupil and will develop as an NFL quarterback. He may be a late mid-round draft choice for a team willing to be patient in his maturation. Davis provides a team like New Orleans an opportunity to evaluate his progress if placed on their practice squad.

I like his character, personality, and upside. Coach Payton and Pete Carmichael are great trainers and mold Brady.  Unfortunately, he may not be ready for another year or two as a backup to Winston or Hill in New Orleans.

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