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3 Encouraging Free Agent Situations Seahawks Should Monitor

The Seahawks have several intriguing free agent options still available as late as July! Matty F. Brown breaks down three encouraging situations that, if certain scenarios happen, the Seahawks could capitalize on.

2022 NFL free agency has developed in a way that means exciting opportunities are still available to teams as late as July in this offseason. That point extends to the Seattle Seahawks. 

These unsigned veteran free agents are seemingly happy to wait on signing with teams, skipping the mundane offseason activities and maybe even enjoying higher interest once the inevitable injuries happen. Three free agent situations in particular are encouraging for the Seahawks, especially if certain scenarios happen.

The Seahawks have made a concerted effort to get younger, something that has been particularly noticeable on the defensive side of the ball. Pass rush, however, is pass rush. Seattle has desperately lacked rush ability in the past few seasons and they must continue to acquire effective quarterback hunters at every available opportunity.

Adding a veteran who can contribute as a pure passing down rusher feels like the smartest move for the Seahawks. The best 2022 remaining options play on the edge. If they have experience and comfort with dropping into pass coverage that is a bonus—such as the unsigned Jason Pierre-Paul (33 years old, 2.5 sacks) or Justin Houston (33 years old, 4.5 sacks).

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However, if the price and time is right, just adding an established sack artist to play on the edge is worthwhile. It was telling that Pete Carroll was more reluctant than John Schneider to announce Coby Bryant would wear the No. 8 jersey in his rookie season. Carroll, clearly, had Carlos Dunlap—the man who wore that number in 2021 for the Seahawks—on his mind.

There is a world that Dunlap returns to Seattle, despite his release earlier this year following 8.5 sacks last year. The 33-year old may well need to transition to a situational rushing role at this point in his career. Last season, Dunlap spoke about the importance of rhythm to him as a rusher and so this switch may prove challenging for the man on 96.0 career sacks. Perhaps Dunlap can change in order to reach his self-professed goal of 100 total sacks.